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Roger That


Have you ever wondered what your brand new B8 Audi A4 would look like tucking tire? Well Roger Ganotisi needed only a few weeks after picking up his ride before making this ForjWorks tweaked dream a reality.
Driving a new A4 is rewarding all on its own.  Its fresh looks attracts tons of attention from the ladies straight out of the dealership, so why would anyone want to bag one? Roger asked himself that question when he picked up his B8, but his answer was the same as anyone else’s: it needed to get lower.
His first move was the same mistake that many will make or have made in the past; he picked up a set of coilovers (gasp!).  Sacrificing his undercarriage to pot holes and rubbing his fenders to pieces put him at wits end and soon it became time to make change.Phone calls went out to Hawaii’s finest at ForjWorks and pleas were made to hook a brother up with something to help him survive his daily drives around town in peace and comfort.Being fresh to the whole air scene, the Paul and Marshall took time explaining the many options available to Roger.  He was unsure at first about the AirREX product as it is fairly new to the North American market, but after seeing the quality of the AirREX struts and bags first hand he made his move and went all out with a Stage III Wireless Digital Management System.The raw look and feel of Roger’s trunk setup is in stark contrast to the polished outer shell of his white A4.  Not to worry though as he explains how AirREX’s wireless digital management is simple enough for even a newbie like him to figure out: “The ride on [my A4 is] awesome too, especially being able to adjust the dampening to your liking”.
Of course Roger needed to pick up rollers that could accent that killer park height.  19×8.5″ Rotiform BLQ’s wrapped in meaty 225-35-19 tires were slapped on.  Since I like to add a little personal flair to my articles, take a look at throwing on a set of rear spacers to make that wheel/fender ratio just right brah.The rest of the OEM+ upgrades include: LED and BiXenon headlight conversions, A4L fog light covers, chrome grille inserts, and painted white filler plate.

Shout outs go to Paul and Marshall @ ForjWorks, Jon @ Auto Customs, Chris @ Watercooled IND, the photographer himself Danny Castillo and Roger’s B8 brothers and sisters on Audizine.

Here’s a link to the build thread in our forum.

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