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Mister Switches


In the world of scooters, the model that is emerging with the most dedicated air ride fans so far is the Honda Ruckus.  David Nguyen’s custom dropped 2009 two wheeler is one of those rides that makes us smile.

This rad bike has been in development for quite some time and has gone through many different variations.  David’s Bag Build thread shows us how this little scooter (nicknamed Mr. Switches) went from being your run of the mill Ruckus to a stretched and lowered street demon.Custom was the name of the game from the beginning.  David started by building a one of a kind frame with a specially located shock mounting bracket and a one piece seat mount.  To ice it all off, a House of Kolor Neon Blue paint job was applied by by Signature Styles to give it that added flair.Fineline Performance helped David get the most out of his upgraded 150cc motor by installing a complete NCY transmission upgrade and A9 cams.  That’s a Hell of a lot of power for a ride that weighs less than my coffee table.

Being a veteran of the car modding scene since he was 14 years old, his passion for wheel fitment had to be incorporated into this project.  A 10×3″ 5-Star front wheel wrapped in an 80/90-10 tire and a fat 12×8″ RokStar rear wheel stretched inside of in a 140/70-12 Avon rubber to send this ride out of the park.The quality craftsmanship that we’ve seen from David needed that little something extra to set it off.  After playing around with static setup after setup, an air solution was needed to lower it to the ground whenever he wasn’t tearing up mean streets of Seattle.RRGS Low Down front forks saw his front end tapped out to its maximum potential so a custom mounted air cylinder took the place of the old coil setup to give it the extra low needed.  A tiny ViAir 95c compressor hooked up to 1/4″ air lines supply the air needed to expand and contract the cylinder.  Custom fabbed switches were added to complete the drop on this one of a kind tankless project.

For the past year David has been showing the world that the scooter scene is more than just a bunch of kids and their weekend toys, but is something fresh and different.

With friends like Signature Styles Paint, Fineline Performance, Wounded Clothing, ImSoNice Crew, and Enviromoto, David’s 2009 Ruckus is paving the way to the future of modded two wheelers.

Thanks to Brad Bowen for the excellent shots!  Check out his work HERE.

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