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It’s Called Camburr Mr. Officurr


Built with style and swagger, Patrick Inumerable’s 2004 Acura TSX is definitely the type of car we love to showcase on AirSociety.  While some like to pull off this kind of look with static setups, Patrick preferred stepping up his game by bringing a bagged JDM-styled TSX to the scene.Living in Pearl City, Hawaii definitely has its perks and smooth roads are one of them.  Smacking potholes on his ride to work isn’t what converted Patrick though.  He got tired of navigating the tough angles on his driveway, going sideways on speed bumps, and swapping his coils out for his annual safety check (yes they get that in Hawaii).  Patrick decided to give a call to Paul and Marshall over at ForjWorks and work out a more practical approach to laying low.

Before even meeting with boys from ForjWorks, Patrick knew his days of jacking his car up and spinning his ride down to the ground at car shows would be a thing of the past.A full Air Runner Acura TSX kit was installed with needle gauges and polished hard lines as well as an Ingalls rear camber kit and K-Sport front strut tower bar for strengthening this ride’s underside.What makes this TSX special is all the little things both inside and out of the car.  Tons of Mugen parts including the full lip kit and front grill seal the deal and compliment the barely noticeable VIS carbon fibre hood and trunk.

This set of Work Varianza T1s wheels plays a special role in the layout of Patrick’s ride.  It’s not often that you see a wheel fitment as loud as this one, which is part of the reason this Acura stands apart from the rest.18×9.5″ ET13 fronts sit flush when aired out and the monster 18×10″ ET6 rears angle out just enough to make sure his tires are melted through by mid afternoon.  Patrick would have had a tough time getting this hard cambered setup to fit right on his old coils but bags really can do miracles. In the land of paradise, catching a glimpse of Patrick’s TSX brings terror to the hearts of static dropped rides near and far.  It couldn’t have been done without help from the man up above, his wife Josan, ForjWorks, Auto Customs, Hondamatic Garage, TSX Club of Hawaii, Team Showcase and of course the man himself, Danny Castillo for the amazing shots once again.  A hui hou everyone!


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