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Monthly archives: January 2012

The Skumbags

The trailer for the upcoming Lowlife Video titled Skumbags is out. This one features tons of bagged minitrucks and a whole lot of attitude!

Mister Switches

In the world of scooters, the model that is emerging with the most dedicated air ride fans so far is the Honda Ruckus.  David Nguyen’s custom dropped 2009 two wheeler is one of those rides that makes us smile. This rad bike has been in development for quite some time and has gone through many different variations.  David’s Bag Build thread shows us how this little scooter (nicknamed Mr. Switches) […]

GrinderTV at SEMA 2011

This is the GrinderTV‘s SEMA coverage that you’ve all been waiting for. They took the entire team; Brian, Cody, Mike & Johnny O, to Sin City and spent each day filming the best of the best vehicles at the Las Vegas Convention Center. See the top bagged rides from manufacturers Air Lift, AccuAir, AirREX and from distributors ForjWorks and MemoryFab!

Local Heroes

Japan’s influence on the American car culture has been huge but it’s not often you hear about the American influence on the Japanese car scene.  Take a look at this video of Japanese car club Local Heroes and see what the lowrider/hot rod scene in the Orient is all about.

Roger That

Have you ever wondered what your brand new B8 Audi A4 would look like tucking tire? Well Roger Ganotisi needed only a few weeks after picking up his ride before making this ForjWorks tweaked dream a reality. Driving a new A4 is rewarding all on its own.  Its fresh looks attracts tons of attention from the ladies straight out of the dealership, so why would anyone want to bag one? […]

Spring is Coming

Spring is coming and everyone is anxious to get their cars back into show condition… The Dub Allstars can’t wait either.