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The Bawss


You might have seen this car around the web browsing through SEMA 2011 or Rotiform pictures. Mike Sam’s 2005 Audi S4 Avant is starting to turn heads wherever he rolls due in big part to his “Bijou” bag setup.

The word “Bijou” means jewel in French and after seeing this clean and classy silver Audi’s killer Rotiform 19×8.5″ NUE shoes wrapped in Toyo T1S rubbers all we can think of is diamonds.

Often switching between 19 and 20 inch rims, Mike found that he was having trouble fitting them in properly. After damaging three $450 Kerschers with carbon fibre lips trying to ride low on coils, Mike said enough is enough, it’s time to get practical.

Having previously owned a E55 AMG with OEM Airmatic suspension, Mike’s only concern was not should he bag his ride, but what quality components was he going to install? His clearance, handling and fitment problems were solved with a full Air Lift bag and strut setup paired with a custom floating AccuAir E-level management setup built by Schaefer Rod & Customs.Mike’s attention to quality was his main priority when assembling his trunk setup. Before slapping in his Morel, Hertz and Audison audio components he Dynamatted the whole trunk to keep the rear end of the car as quiet as possible while filling up his 5 gallon tank.

As fresh as it looks this S4 also draws attention for it’s OEM+ sleek looks. The Oettinger front bumper flows so well with the Kerscher carbon fibre front lip and side skirts that they almost get mistaken for original parts. Other sweet little touches include a Euro spec roof wing, A4 fogs, E-Code bixenon headlights and smoked cherry red tails.

Keep on shining brother and keep showing the world that practicality and function can go hand in hand. Here’s a link to Mike’s blog where you can get all the latest info on what makes him tick –

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