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More Than a Honda


One of the best memories we’ve got as kids is tearing up our hometown streets in beat up scooters.  What may seem like a toy to some, others see as the first breath of liberty.  As Christmas approaches, we thought this could be the perfect time to feature Jake Reining’s bagged Honda Ruckus that will rekindle your love affair a simpler time in your life and might make you think twice about what presents you put under your tree this season.
This Honda isn’t your ordinary scooter.  Introduced as the ”Zoomer” in Japan and the ”Ruckus” in North America in the early 2000’s, this non traditional scooter differs from others with its rugged design, fat tires with deeper tread and a skeleton frame that intentionally lacks an enclosed storage compartment.
What sets this Ruckus apart from the run of the mill variant is its air ride.  To make this project feasible, Jake hit up Alex Morales of AKGarageworks out of Texas who paired up with the boys over at ForjWorks in Hawaii to give life to a showstopper any kid would kill to get a hold of.
Freshly built, this one month old Ruckus is already tearing up the charts and winning the hearts of folks all over Texas by taking home two awards: 3rd place best import at WekFest Forth Worth and Best Bike at Import FaceOff Houston.  The interesting thing to point out on the WekFest award is that the Ruckus was pitted against ALL import vehicles (cars included), so to win 3rd among all imports is very impressive indeed.
AK Garageworks poured a ton of hard work and effort into this rad two-wheeler.  A custom-built front and rear frame was made so that all the wiring could be tucked away inside to give that clean look we’re used to seeing in quality bikes.  10×2.75″ Mirror Red Daytona 5 spoke front wheels and 12×7″ Mirror Red Douglas rear wheels compliment the red accents found all over the bike.
The custom work doesn’t end with the body as a ton of engineering went into the ForjWorks custom Ruckus air suspension kit.  Having been the very first scooter to have their air ride kit installed outside of Hawaii, ForjWorks spared no expense in getting it show worthy.  A polished aluminum air tank with end caps and compressor mounts was slapped on underneath the custom Recaro seat.  Controlled by a ForjWorks air switch, the compressed air flows in and out of the 3″ air shock via a ViAir compressor and pressure switch.

Check out what this ForjWorks equipped ride is packing:

  • ForjWorks polished aluminum air tank with end caps and compressor mounts
  • ForjWorks polished aluminum Upper bracket kit (Main Mounts, 2 clamps, spine, and stainless steel shock nuts)
  • ForjWorks stainless steel bottom bracket
  • ForjWorks polished aluminum shock reservoir
  • ForjWorks Air Switch Bracket
  • ViAir Air Compressor
  • ViAir Pressure Switch
  • Air Shock with 3″ Stroke

When boys grow into men they leave a lot of their childhood behind, however when looking at Jake’s Ruckus we’re rekindled with a sense of wonder and joy that we thought had faded long ago.  It’s the passion of people’s imaginations that keeps us going and as long as we don’t out grow of that, I think our scene will be around for a long time to come.
Big props go out to the owner Jake Reining, Team Leader for the North Texas/Oklahoma chapter of Team Sun*Works (a National car crew based out of Houston), Alex Morales of AKGarageworks for making this vision come alive, and of course Paul Higashi from ForjWorks for making this first of its kind project come alive.  Greg from MNNTHBX on definitely gets shout outs for making another batch of his “Lazy Eye” headlights.  All photos taken by Costas Stergiou.

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