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Dead or Alive


Folks in Michigan are as tough as nails and are twice as hard to put down.  Halo Super Cars out of Benton Harbor took this “dead or alive” approach to a 2005 Chrysler 300 Limited and put together the kind of car that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

What started out as a daily driven car quickly turned into a SEMA worthy project.  Having studied and observed the way that others had gone about turning their four door rides into coupes, it was clear to owner Mark Vanderboegh that most 300’s looked shorter once they were done being chopped which killed the proportions of the car.

Instead of shortening the car by simply shaving off the rear doors, they stretched the front door and moved back the B-Pillar 8″ to show off a truly custom and sleek looking design.

The toughest part of stretching the doors to elongate the look is finding a way to get them to open with class, enter a custom fabricated suicide door setup.  Completely hand fabricated B-Pillars were needed that would not only be strong enough to support the weight of the doors but also tough enough to protect the driver in case of a side-end collision.

Unless you’re a major LX fan you probably won’t notice half the mods done to this car.  A 300C front bumper with a Tommy Z body kit and a custom Tommy Z deep dish front grille were slapped on alongside the shaved belt line moldings, shaved bumper trim panels, shaved wiper cowl, and tinted rear tail lights that make this ride a complete show stopper.

The standard motor wasn’t gonna cut it any more so a 6.1L HEMI engine was dropped in with a custom Prins propane fuel system and Morroso coolant tanks to boot.  Custom fabricated carbon fibre trim highlights the polished motor accents to provide that truly custom engine display.

The next toughest part of this build right after hand fabricating the custom B-Pillars was the split level trunk.  The big problem is because of how much the back of the trunk curves out from the center, therefore getting it to clear the bumper was a little tricky.  They ended up making a compound hinge out of chromoly tubing and running heim joints on each end to help stabilize it.

The custom work didn’t end with just the body and motor as a set of one of a kind 22×9.5″ front and 22×10.5″ rear USW Forged “Massive” black chrome wheels were put together just for Mark’s car.  Talk about jaw dropping!

Mark always liked air suspensions and needed something to make his new shoes stand out.  Universal Air Aero Sport front and Universal Air House rears were slapped on this one of a kind ride.  A Ride Pro Digital Air Ride Technologies management system made sure the 3/8″ Big Red Valves were working according to plan.  While designing the amp rack for the trunk he incorporated air cylinders fed from the 5 gallon chromed out tank to push and pull the second level of storage in and out of sight controlled by a second set of 1/4″ Big Red Valves.

The air suspension system also uses Halo Super Cars’ new Compressor Suppressors which reduce the “humming” noise by the compressors by about 10db.  They replace the air filter on the dual ViAir 480c compressors and screw in just the same while keeping air flow completely unrestricted.

Big shout outs go to USW Forged for the first and still only set of “Massives” in the world!  Tommy Z Designs gets tons of respect for the newly available 4 piece body kit and deep dish grille which Halo distributes.  Check out the bag breakdown and stay tuned for next week for a second Halo Super Cars masterpiece!

  • Universal Air Suspension Aero Sport and Air house bags
  • Dual ViAr 480C Compressors
  • Halo Super Cars “Compressor Suppressors”
  • Nason adjustable pressure switch
  • 3/8″ Hydraulic air lines with compression fittings
  • 5 gallon chrome tank
  • Air Ride Technologies 3/8″ Big Red Valves
  • Air Ride Technologies Ride Pro Digital controller
  • Second set of 1/4″ Big Red Valves to run a custom air cylinder that controls the amp rack

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