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Canadian Mint


Those familiar with the North Eastern area of North America and our famous winters filled with mountains of snow and truckloads of salt can probably count on one hand the number of clean VW’s left around after 20 years of abuse.  Luckily Feije de Boer was able to snag himself this spectacular 1992 Calypso Green MK2 Jetta that’s spotless enough to eat dinner on.VW-MK2-Jetta-bagged-air-suspension-air-lift-accuair-bbs-rm-010It’s not often someone comes across a ride this mint, so when Feije got a phone call from his father tipping him off to the MK2’s existence, he took off on a road trip from Prince Edward Island all the way to Montreal, Canada to pick up his dream car.VW-MK2-Jetta-bagged-air-suspension-air-lift-accuair-bbs-rm-014Originally owned by an airline maintenance mechanic, Feije found out that the gentleman loved his MK2 so much that he would take apart the locks and door handles to meticulously clean and grease them each year.  Talk about dedication!VW-MK2-Jetta-bagged-air-suspension-air-lift-accuair-bbs-rm-016Sounding more like a fairy tale than anything else, Feije knew he had to snap this bad boy up.  Wanting to continue the mechanical legacy that the previous owner had started, a 12v VR6 motor was swapped inside to provide the go that goes along with the show.VW-MK2-Jetta-bagged-air-suspension-air-lift-accuair-bbs-rm-009A set of color matched and staggered 15×8.5″ front and 15×9″ rear BBS RM’s accent the shaved and smoothed out front and rears bumpers.VW-MK2-Jetta-bagged-air-suspension-air-lift-accuair-bbs-rm-008Not wanting to simply call it a day, Feije picked up the phone and made a call to Will and Rali at Bag Riders for a top of the line Air Lift front and rear air suspension kit.  3/8″ air lines are hidden under the floor carpets supplying air pressure from a 5 gallon tank fed by dual 400cc Sprint compressors to the bags in each corner.VW-MK2-Jetta-bagged-air-suspension-air-lift-accuair-bbs-rm-017A quality car deserves quality management.  An AccuAir VU-4 manifold was ordered along with a Switchspeed controller to finish off the project of his and our dreams.VW-MK2-Jetta-bagged-air-suspension-air-lift-accuair-bbs-rm-011In the MK2 world, a pick like this one is definitely considered to be a once in a lifetime find.  Thankfully it found its way into Feije’s hands and was brought back to life by the same passion that helped it survive intact for nearly two decades.  We couldn’t be happier to showcase it to the world.

Shout outs go to Pete N. for the use his barn for months while this ride was under construction, Stan D. for helping Feije working late nights, and Clayton Cole for the photos.VW-MK2-Jetta-bagged-air-suspension-air-lift-accuair-bbs-rm-005


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