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The Unicorn


Ever since the days of old people have been chasing the elusive unicorn.  More than just a mythical beast, a unicorn represents the inner dreams and ambitions of a person that sometimes takes the shape of a physical object.  In John Williamson’s case, his white unicorn has been found and is sitting pretty in a bagged MK6 GTI.

Bobby Aycoth from FL4T photography photographed this ride while taking a stroll down the Jersey shore.  John’s Candy White hatchback has got more than just looks going for it though, it’s also got an APR K04 snail kit hiding underneath the clean exterior.

Those who have been following Russell Oliynyk’s MK6 GTI history might find these wheels familiar.  That’s because this particular set of 17×9″ and 17×10″ CCW LM20’s has been slapped on some of the cleanest rides around.

Mother Earth watch out as Air Lift XL front and Air Lift rear bags drop John’s MK6 to the sea bed and set off his fitment like no other.

Simplicity at its finest, a single ViAir 400c compressor feeds the 3 gallon aluminum tank in the trunk.  Autopilot Digital management mated to an Easystreet manifold finish off the rest of the air setup.

This daily driven beauty has seen its fair share of highway travel and although bags and CCW’s might seem dated to some, they set a high benchmark when pulled off right.  Thanks to John’s quality taste, this MK6 GTI is and always will continue to be an inspiration to anyone catching a glimpse of it.  Take a look at the full bag breakdown:

  • Air Lift XL Front Struts
  • Air Lift XL Rear Bags
  • Bilstein Sport Rear Shocks
  • Single ViAir 400c Compressor
  • 3 Gallon Aluminum Tank
  • Numatics Water Trap
  • 3/8″ Lines
  • Easy Street Manifolds
  • Easy Street Autopilot Digital Controller

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