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The Ins and Outs of AccuAir i-Level


Undeniably one of the greatest tools available to someone with air suspension is that tool which gives them full control over the vertical ascent and descent of their ride.  With the advent of the iPhone and the ability to create applications that empower users to be more mobile in their day to day lives, the era of being tethered to your car is over.  Here’s where AccuAir steps in and delivers i-Level to the world.

We first came across AccuAir’s iPhone app in our forums this past January (thanks to kilimats) which immediately sent our members into a frenzy.  Of course at that time the term “i-Level” nor the specifications of the application and how it is supposed to work were known yet, but that didn’t keep folks from speculating and talking about it.  SEMA has come and gone and with it has come a long list of answers to everyone’s questions.

Naturally the idea of whipping out your cell phone and making your car rise up and down is something that’s down right awesome.  Not only does it facilitate a necessary function but the fact that it does it without the need of an additional controller is a double bonus.  In order to get a deeper understanding of what’s in store, I spoke directly with Reno Heon, co-owner of AccuAir Suspension, to find out everything there is to know about the i-Level app.

The idea of creating the i-Level has been floating around for years however it was only until early 2011 when there was enough demand to warrant its development that the dream started to become reality.  Both outside and internal help were required to code and design the software so that it functions and looks as good as its physical counterpart.

i-Level will run similarly to the E-Level in the sense that users will have access to:

  • Select or save from three automatic ride height settings,
  • Manually adjust the height of all four corners,
  • Select the E-Level’s “All Down” button,
  • Menu driven selection of E-Level system features,
  • Menu driven system diagnostics with “push” notifications.

However since the app is in its Beta stage, future advanced plans include:

  • Tank pressure display,
  • Compressor status display,
  • Real-time vehicle height display (% of travel, or inches based on reference point).

All future plans for the app may require a free ECU upgrade in order for it to work correctly.  Seeing as how the app runs so similarly with the E-Level controller, it will only work if you’re already equipped with or are planning to upgrade to it.

An additional WiFi receiver mounted to the E-Level ECU will be required for the app to send and receive signals.  You read right, i-Level will communicate with the E-Level ECU via WiFi and not Bluetooth.  This will not have any affect on speed however, as the i-Level will have similar response times to the traditional TouchPad.

Don’t forget this magical number either: 200.  That’s how many feet away from the car you will be able to communicate with your ride.  You’ll now be able to raise your vehicle off the pavement before taking one foot out the door in the morning!

If you’re worried about your buddy dropping your car to the ground with their version of i-Level without you knowing it worry not, each WiFi receiver will be password protected to each user’s specific telephone and will have built-in communication error checking and redundant certifications of packets to protect your most prized possession from harm.

i-Level is scheduled to be released in 2012 as a FREE app to be downloaded off of the Apple App Store, however there is as of yet no specific pricing guide for the WiFi receiver.  The app will be ported to Android phones once the development for the iPhone is completed.

If you want to get on the inside of i-Level and beta test the application, be sure to apply online at for your shot at getting into the development team before anyone else does.

Applicants will then receive a questionnaire by email.  Responses will be judged and the most valuable applicants will become part of the “i-Level” Development Team.  Members will get to vote on design decisions throughout the process, add comments related to the development, and have the opportunity to become part of the BETA Test Team in mid 2012.

AirSociety will be there every step of the way so keep us bookmarked to get all the latest and greatest info on AccuAir Suspension’s i-Level.

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