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Irish Whiskey, German TT


It’s always fun to see a pops driving around a nicely modified car, especially one who’s got 4 children.  I was quite impressed when I received the specs and pics of Morio Sierra’s TT, after finding out these fun facts, and was pumped to showcase it to our readers.  How does he fit 4 kids and a wife inside this thing?

Hopefully my wife will understand after reading this article that Morio’s lifestyle is something we all dream of as younger tuners but are never sure if we’ll get to experience it when all grown up.  I always told myself: “If I have to drive a Caravan one day, it’s gotta be a dumped on 20’s”.Morio was always in the VW/Audi car scene, but never really looked into air ride until recently.  The addiction started when his buddy Hanna drove him around the block in his bagged A4 Avant. It’s at that moment he knew that air was the way to go.  Don’t take our word for it, read what Morio had to say about it:

Been on static low for far too long and this old, fat, tired man needed some comfort and ease.

Not a bad way to go for a grocery getter like the TT.  The solution came all to easily, a quick call to Bagyard Air Ride and before he knew it front Bombers and OG rears were ordered.  A RideTech E3 Pro management system with dual compressors was the only option for Morio to feel like he had maximum control over his two seater.Happily on the ground, Morio was able to simply sit back and enjoy his 12 year old Jameson whiskey themed 5 gallon air tank in its custom trunk enclosure.  Talk about weight reduction!

Helping him to hug the road are a set of 18×9″ front and 18×10″ rear Kinesis K28 (Porsche fitment) wheels.  It doesn’t get cleaner than Porsche fitted wheels on a family man’s point A to B car.

Shout outs have to go out to the most important people in his life: his wife and his boys.  SYNDICATE and Jason Marble Designs get a huge round of applause for making the subs, tank and rear delete look incredible!



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