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I Am The Law


Last week a conversation developed in our forums revolving around bagging bicycles.  You read right, one of those things you used to ride around on as a kid.  As it turns out there’s a lot of our members who started their passion for wrenching on bicycles, which led me to scour the internet and eventually finding Marco Franco’s custom two wheeled beauty.

We came across Marco and his bike after scoping out his video on YouTube where he gives us a 360° tour of his beautiful Wave Blue peddler.

Having been left speechless many times in the past we didn’t hesitate to contact him to ask him a few in-depth questions, especially on how he put it together.  As it turns out Marco started his two-wheeled journey in a similar fashion to us.

A few years back Marco was browsing a bicycle forum when he came across a YouTube video of a bike on air ride.  Having instantly become fascinated about how they worked and what made them kiss the ground, he started his journey of building a one of a kind two wheeled monster.

Months and months of research were required before even starting to pick up a wrench.  The hardest part of this build was making the custom frame out of 1.75″ and 1.5″ steel tubing as it is filled with tons of moving parts and differed greatly from a stationary frame.  The custom drop outs didn’t help with logistics either.

Countless hours of measuring, cutting and remeasuring parts came to a climax when the first big road test came.  Eying down his creation, Marco took a seat and started pedaling.  Everything was working flawlessly for the longest time until…

…the frame creaked, shifted, and warped itself into destruction.  A hard lesson was learned and although Marco was torn up inside, improvements were made to the rear swing arm to allow for greater movements without compromising strength.  A modified chopper front fork and aluminum BMX style stem were slapped on for good measure as well.

Working out all the kinks in the frame took over a year and a half but eventually it was ready for a custom pinstriped CO2 tank, air cylinder, high pressure switch, air regulator, air gauge, high pressure air lines, tank adapter and various air fittings.  It was slowly coming together.

26″ McFly Billet Daddy Long Legs wheels wrapped in 26×3″ Kenda Flame rubbers accent the custom blue shell.  The icing on the cake isn’t only the the modified and reupholstered motorcycle seat, 46T sprocket, aluminum platform pedals, and alloyed machine grips, but the personalized brass head badge mounted onto the front support pillar.

AirSociety is all about showcasing the culture of air suspensions and focusing only on cars limits our appreciation for the tons of hard work people like Marco put into their layed out bicycles.  It goes without saying but big props go out to his pops G.R. Franco of Franco’s Muffler in Kerman, California for helping him throughout the process, and a big thanks go out from us to all the folks wrenching on their rides and keeping the community fresh.

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