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Gangster’s Paradise


Rollin’ down the streets, sippin’ on Gin and Juice!

I can only picture myself driving around the Vegas strip with my boys in this ’62 Cadillac coupe DeVille.  It just looks so mobster laid on factory 15” white walls and polished hub caps.  I’m not gonna start hating on hundred spokes and pumps but damn, if all you need to look this boss is just a set of bags and some chrome hub caps, count me in!

On a serious note, this custom Caddy has more to it then what I just listed. Mike Maloich first started his project with a clean base, then out for a matte black paint job with metallic red top and custom pinstriped hood, shaved door handles, chromed out bumpers and trims and of course, Air Bags.The essential part of his build was to get the car laid out, it was achieved with a Firestone bag setup and SMC valves.  Right now the front and rear of the car only go up and down but Mike plans on upgrading to a 9 position controller and an additional 2 valves in order to fully articulate the suspension.  As it sits currently, the DeVile is powered by a pair of ViAir 450c compressors and a duo of 5 gallon tanks.

As gangster as it gets, this car only rolls up to a couple of shows in Arizona including Cruise on Central in Phoenix and the Saturday night car shows at the Scottsdale Pavillon.  It certainly draws tons of attention and turns a lot of heads wherever it pulls up with nothing other than great compliments sent Mike’s way.  I love the fact that we do not see this ride in every nook and cranny of the web which shows that Mike is very selective about where he displays his beauty.

Shout outs definitely go to Mike’s wife for getting the pics done while he was out of town as a surprise!  A powerful man is nothing without the love of his family, including the air suspension community.


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