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Dät Skünk


I remember when the MK6 Golf and GTI models were first released.  Many were skeptical if the changes over its predecessor were more than just a body styling upgrade.  I countered with the statement that in order to properly appreciate the upgraded platform it needed to be kissing the ground.  Enter Dan Gianfrancesco’s bagged hatch.

The factory MK6 body lines flow perfectly and are only emboldened by shaving off the front and rear emblems.  Contrasting with the black roof are a set of fresh 17″ staggered Zaubers providing a proper blend of tuck and poke.

A full Air Lift XL slam series air suspension setup was installed up front with Air Lift shocks and bags finishing up the rear.  In order to bring everything under control, an AccuAir Switchspeed management was mated to a VU-4 manifold to offer a prime blend of comfort and pleasure.

While some people sweat and work for hours trying to maximize space in their trunks to fit a typical 5 gallon tank, Dan went the Full Monty with a full rear seat delete!  Anyway, who really enjoys having people kick you from behind while driving?  I sure don’t.

So pop open the trunk and all you see is a beautiful color matched Candy White 5 gallon 7 port tank with custom hardlines and a 10” Rockford sub while the 440cc ViAir compressor and Numatic watertrap hide under a custom fabbed false floor.  Not having rear seats gives anyone driving up Dan’s ass on the highway a clear view of a not so stock steering wheel and MK5 leather seats.

It’s always the simplest setups that pack the biggest punch.  By focusing on quality over quantity, Dan’s not only got himself a reliable point A to point B car but also a ride that’ll break necks wherever he goes.


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