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AS3K – Stage 2


Big thanks go out to the 55 people who entered their rides into our AS3K contest!  Without you guys we’d be nothing so give yourselves a giant round of applause!

( …crickets chirping… )

Well then, onto business.  We had a tough time choosing the top 10 rides to take part in Stage 2 of the contest but we narrowed it down to these ten which in our opinion are the ones that show the diversity of the air suspension community and AirSociety in general.  Congratulations!

Stage 2 of the contest will involve completing a mission that should highlight each contestant’s creativity.  We’re looking for one picture from each of the top ten of their ride showing off their bag setup in the most original and unique way with yourselves holding a big sign that says “I <3 AirSociety!!”

Whether it be three wheeling on top of flat beds, airing out beneath dry docked boats, limboing under fallen trees, or anything else you can think of; the sky is the limit!  There is no limit to the amount of pictures you can post.

Be safe when you take your pictures.  AirSociety, its staff or its sponsors will not responsible for any deaths, injury or destruction of property that happens because of this.  Have fun but be smart about it.

Post up your pictures HERE –!

Contest ends on Sunday, November 20, 2011 at 11:59PM EST.




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