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The Pink Panther


I remember getting judged harshly by folks in high school when I first walked in with a brand new pink Lacoste polo.  Needless to say that guys were quick to pull the trigger to make fun of me while most women where giving me the pretty eyes, it takes a real man to wear pink.

What can we say about a man driving a pink car with pink rims? I guess it just takes one with bigger balls or as the owner tends to say: “We have to be different to be recognized in the Honda community or else we all fall in the same branch of JDM cars”.

I’m personally a huge fan of Bryan’s 95 Integra. You can tell that a lot of work has been done to the car.  The project started smoothly with year 2000 front and rear bumpers, shaved door molding, black housing headlights and so much more including a rear window spoiler that gives an extra flare to the Teg’s behind.

Looking at the car from the front, one can tell that the fenders aren’t OEM.  What you see is a set of custom wide body metal fender flares that accommodate a set of 16×8″, 0 offset, color matched, XXR 002 wheels on 195-45-16 inch tires.  Fitment is on point and Bryan wouldn’t have it any other way. To complete it all, fresh pink pearl paint was sprayed on the car.

Now to the most important part of the car, the air supply. Unlike many people riding on bags, Bryan’s Integra is riding on air cylinders. For those not up to speed on what air cylinders are, they function similarly to traditional air suspension but work via metal cylinders instead of rubber bags.  The end goal is to roll slammed on coils but still be able to get over speed bumps or acute angled roads easier by lifting the car up a bit with the touch of a button.  To get a better grasp of the concept, check out this thread in our forums where we dissect it further.

This method of air (which was installed by Bryan himself) gave him the extra inches needed to lay low to the ground while keeping a little bit of practicality with his daily driven ride.  Looks like potholes are a universal problem.

Other components of the setup goes as followed :

  • DC5000 1/2hp Compressor
  • 3 Gallon Tank
  • 5 panel rocker switch controller
  • 1/8″ airlines

Bryan would like to thank Sinful Creations for helping him create this project; long nights of hard work and many hours made this dream come true! He would also like to shout out to all the local car clubs: Granite State Europeans, 6Low3, Team ECR and many more for being an inspiration to him and for getting him started in the car scene!   And of course the girlfriend and family for putting up with him lol.




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