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Lower Expectations


While most people were spending their final hours before H2Oi 2011 getting some much needed rest, Louis-Philippe Leroux was hustling hard to put the final touches on his bagged 2002 Volkswagen GTI.

The exterior of this ride is something truly special.  Fully shaved rub strips & emblems push Louis’ ride to the limit of the OEM+ design.

A fresh exterior is completed with a set of brilliantly staggered 17×8″ and 17×9.5″ J Line SDM-SL2 offering a prime parking height.

Your average 2 slow this is not as an R32 motor has been transplanted into a shaved engine bay.  Only the essentials were kept in this swap and most of the guts were moved around so that the motor can sit and be exhibited like the piece of art that it is.

Dropping Louis’ GTI to the floor is a pair of Bagyard Bomber front and Air Lift rear bags.  Controlled by an AccuAir E-Level system, this ride has got some of the top components on the market which allow it to be propelled to new lows.

Complimenting the clean exterior is a equally clean trunk setup.  A single 5 gallon tank sticks out of a beautifully layed out floor bed that hides a single ViAir 444c compressor.

Without help from his girlfriend Sylvie, his friend Françis for helping in the last minute rush, and Methot for the woodworking skills needed to put his trunk together, Louis’ car wouldn’t be the ride it is today.

Check out the bag breakdown:

  • Bagyard Bomber front struts
  • Air Lift rear bags
  • Bilstein Sport rear shocks
  • AccuAir E-Level management
  • 5 gallon aluminum tank
  • Single ViAir 444 compressor

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