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Because Showcars


Built in Quebec, Canada these 2 cars are one of the reasons why most folks up north are proud to be in the Canadian Dub scene. Featured on many sites including  Canibeat, it didn’t take long for Super Dave to become an internationally renowned superstar with his killer MK3 Jetta.  Not to be outdone, his girlfriend Jacqueline set up her very own sweet shaved MK4 Golf.

Let’s start with Jackie’s MK4 since Dave’s got enough coverage these past few months to last a lifetime. Freshly rebuilt from scratch in 2011, this stunning MK4 Golf went to the auto salon for some intense shaving, molding and OEM+ remodeling. It’s amazing to see a girl take care of a car so much, it goes to show that sometimes all you need in life is a blank canvas and a wild imagination.

A good example of her dedication to her work is the cream color matching of the wheels and fully shaved engine bay.  Jackie’s clean exterior is moved by a 2L motor packed with AEG Neuspeed supercharger, 2.4” pulley, Snow Performance water-meth kit, 276 cams and lightweight flywheels. Just enough power to give a person shivers.

What’s a girl without her shoes? Well her car is sitting on some custom BBS RC 090 Style 5 wheels.  First redrilled to a 5×100 pattern, then off to the shop for some custom rear widened barrels to give the rear a final width of 10.5”.

Here’s what Jacqueline uses to roll high and park low, note that some subframe trimming was needed for table clearance and a frame notch (often seen in the MK4).

  • Air Lift front and rears
  • 5 gallon steel tank color matched cream
  • Manual management mounted in the center console
  • ViAir 380c compressor
  • 1/4″ air lines
  • Easysteet dual needle gauges
  • Modified front spindles

She now has her well deserved place in the MK4 hall of fame amongst superstars like Susannah & CJ.  And guess what?  There’s a lot of dudes envying these rides out there!

Now on to her man Super Dave. If you haven’t seen it on the web, or in print, here’s your chance to see it on AirSociety.

This car must be if not one of the biggest and most complete rides modded in Quebec, the only one that consistently puts the local community on the map world wide.Under the hood of this ride lies: a 12V VR6 engine, Vortech V2 supercharger with custom pulleys for running at 16 psi, SDS standalone, Precision intercooler, Autotech 262 cams, LW lifters, HD valve springs, Tial Q bov, 3″ throttle body, 42# injectors with adjustable FPR, Walbro intank, LW flywheel, MSD coil packs, engine rebuilt with ARP hardware, 10.5:1 compression ratio, MK5 R32 oil pump and shortened oil pan, custom intake and exhaust manifolds with runner lengths matching the head, smoothed engine covers, rebuilt transmission with Peloquin LSD, ceramic clutch with HD PP, external oil cooler, slim fans and much more.

Rolling on 16×8.5″ front and 16×9″ rear Schmidt TH-Lines wrapped in 205/40 Falken 512’s, this Platinum Gray Jetta always rolls up to meets looking like it’s fresh from the dealer.

In order to fully appreciate Dave’s masterpiece we have to go back about 10 years to when Mr. Hoodless first started modifying this car. This long term project has seen a few different colors, wheels and motor layouts.  Dave was one of the first guys to rock Audi A8L wheels on his ride back in 2007!  I’m pretty sure back then Dave would have never anticipated the growth of the air suspension community and that he’d be rolling on air one day.  He realized that in order to protect his investment he needed air in his life!

Here’s what helps make his life easier every time he enters or exits his driveway:

  • Air Lift front and rears
  • 5 gallon aluminum tank color matched Platinum Gray
  • Auto Pilot management mounted in door card
  • Dual ViAir 400c compressors
  • Numatics water traps
  • 1/4″ air lines
  • Frame notch
  • Trimmed tables
  • Mason tech great plates
  • -2* rear camber shims

While lot of locals might have reservations about running air suspension, heroes like Super Dave and Jackie go all out and park hard with bag setups.  There’s nothing better than air for the internationally renowned and destroyed Montreal roads!


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