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300 Evolved


Ever since Chrysler launched the modernized 300 in 2005 people have been slamming them to the ground and decking them out with tons of excessively flashy accessories.  Robert Stowe took a more grounded approach by simply laying his ride out on air… amongst other things.

Robert’s story began 9 months ago when he posted up his bag build thread in our forums.  His 300C began its existence as a modestly static dropped black bombshell, however a call to Air Lift got him pointed in the right direction to building a clean ride.

By not letting the endless praise he was getting from other members in our forums get to his head,  Robert’s journey was able to progress with an elegant two-tone silver and graphite blue paint scheme accented with a solid red pin stripe.

Staying classy is achieved by tucking a set of 22×9″ Factory Reproduction SRT wheels.  Sometimes it’s the simpler things one does to one’s automobile that allow one to appreciate it for what it is instead of what it’s trying to be.

Winters in Winnipeg, Canada can be brutal and long.  When we saw Robert’s ride aired out in a snow pile we knew this bad boy would be special.  Air Lift 2B7 front and 2B6 rear bags drop this 300c to all new levels of low.

Take a look at the bag breakdown to get a better sense of what’s involved with getting this ride to sit this properly:

  • Air Lift EasyStreet Digital Management
  • Air Lift 2B7 Front Struts
  • Air Lift 2B6 Bags and Air Lift brackets in the rear
  • 5 gallon tank in the spare tire well
  • 2 ViAir 480c compressors
  • 1/2″ lines and fittings
  • Air Lift manifold

Existing in a harsh northern climate isn’t easy for anyone, especially for someone with such a clean ride.  Thankfully folks like Robert share their passion for air with the world which allow us to all get through it together for which we’re eternally grateful.

Big shout outs go out to Corey Jonasson ( for his spectacular shots, and to Robert’s lovely fiance for being so understanding about his passion for modding his ride.


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