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The Darkness


Every once in a while a car comes along that takes a bite out of tradition and spits out something fresh, this time it’s Tyler Williams’ bagged 2011 Subaru STI.

The Subaru culture is one that is steeped in the tradition of rally racing.  Owners pride themselves by building cars that are not only fast, but durable and strong.  Low and behold a STI has arrived that breaks with the norm and throws everything that is sacred out the door.

Tyler began his journey through the looking glass by wrapping his ride in matte black vinyl and plasti-dipping the leftover exposed hardware to not only give it a killer look, but to protect it from the elements.

Ripped right off his R32 Skyline are a set of bronze finished 18×10″ all around Work Emotion XD9 wheels.  The +18 offset offers a proper fitment that yet again is a break from tradition and completes this ride in a way like no other.

There are very few air suspension manufacturers that carry parts for 2011 STI’s, luckily Tyler came into contact with Wing from MemoryFab who set him up with a set of pristine AirREX shortened front and rear struts which put it into a whole new level of cool.

An AVS 7 Switch Switchbox and Dakota Digital Odyssey Series 2 guage wrapped in carbon are what keep this master of darkness level at all times.

In case some of the more hardcore Subaru fans that are reading this article are disgusted by the fact that someone would bag their fully functional rally car, one must remember that each mod Tyler has added to his ride has been done with knowledge gained through the many Subaru message boards out there.  Without your help this ride would have remained just your average STI, our hats go off to the folks that call Subaru their own.

Big thanks go out to our boy Kia for pushing through the night with Tyler to get his bag setup ready in time for H2Oi 2011, Oliver at Covered for the vinyl job, and to Vitali at Strasse Autowerks for being the shoulder to lean on when it came to asking questions about air suspension.

Take a look at the breakdown:

  • AirREX Shortened front and rear bag setup
  • VIAIR 400c Compressor
  • 5 gallon skinny tank
  • AVS 7 Switch Switch Box
  • Dakota Digital Odyssey Series 2 Guage
  • Easystreet 8 Valve Manifold
  • 1/4″ lines all around



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