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Shootin’ Stars


Another day another night, but more importantly another quality bagged MK5.

Laying low and shining under the stars, Josh’s ride is known across Canada for being clean and stylish. He joined the Euro community a few years back after jumping from a Civic that got stolen ( thanks to the thief BTW, you sent us a great guy! ) to a MK3 VR6 to a MK5 Jetta on air.   I guess that “Driver’s Wanted” ad that VW put out a few years ago attracted a more refined enthusiast.

Keeping it fresh with the fish bowl look, Josh chose to go with Votex front and side skirts and an OEM GLI rear lip.  This setup works in ways others don’t and is something we don’t often see.Boosted with some engine mods and chipped via APR, the 2.0T has just enough oomph to have fun and keep Josh on his toes while avoiding pot holes in the roads of Ontario.

Speaking of Ontario, their cops have got to learn to give a brother a chance as I had to break out all the stops while talking to a lady of the law while being pulled over at VagKraft 2011 for driving too slow (50kph in a 60 zone).

Anyway, the story continues…Often times, a married man justifies his decision to bag his ride by saying: “I decided to bag my car so my wife could air up and drive away in comfort”.  The next time you hear one of your friends say that just reply with: “Ya sure thing there buddy, does your wife even drive your car now that it’s bagged?”

The answer is a big fat NO.  Thankfully our wives put up with us no matter the obsession.

Tucking 4 18×8″ and 18×9″ Work VS MS is no easy task.  Air Lift XL slam series bags up front and a passenger side notch to sit equally and kiss the ground goodnight helped out a lot.  Only Autopilot Digital management was considered and installed to help Josh see better at night.  A 5 gallon tank for the clean trunk setup and regular valves and hoses from the Air Lift XL kit round off the rest of this ride’s suspension mods. A big shout out to Kevin, Neil and Drew from Chop Shop for going above and beyond with helping Josh in getting this car to where it’s at today. Anatoly over @ AV Auto for the painting, Miro @ Euroline who also helped him a ton.

Big shout out goes to Josh’s wife who puts up with him & the dub.

We can’t forget Matthew Berenze (aka DeathLenz ) for his awesome photography. A big thumbs up from Josh to AirSociety for pushing the air scene worldwide and giving guys like him a chance to be recognized. We’re blushing bud 😮






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