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While most of his MK3’s were slammed on coils, Mark Palombi upgraded to a higher end car and decided to bring this project to another level by bringing his B6 Audi A4 down a few notches using bags. As a die hard static fan, Mark can’t hide the fact that air ride makes your life that much more practical.Imagine dumping this beautiful avant after a date with your dream girl.  Am I the only one that would kill for the back room offered by Mr. Palombi?

Running on Image DM Classic mount wheels in a staggered 18×9″ and 18×10″ color matched setup, Mark’s Audi has never looked this perfect. I’ve seen this car a few times in person and there’s just something to its setup that pulls it all together.

I wouldn’t say that we have bad cars here in Canada, but the ratio of well modded rides to tacky ones is inferior to what most are used to seeing in the United States.  Then again, this is just another reason for us to appreciate the quality workmanship done on Mark’s car.

Y’all probably remember Manolo with the bagged Z4 on Schmidt’s, well a big thanks goes out to him and Lu for helping him installing the Air setup in just 12 hours. Nothing like teamwork with knowledgeable friends!

Bags might be for groceries, but what’s the big problem with that when you have a true grocery getter that is the envy of all of suburbia?

Check out the breakdown:

  • Air Lift front air struts
  • Slam Specialties SS-5 rears with custom brackets
  • 4 ASCO 3/8 valves (up and down only)
  • Aluminium 3 gallon tank
  • SMC water trap
  • Glow shift digital gauges
  • AVS switch box
  • 3/8″ airlines
  • Hidden setup in spare tire well for full trunk use

What’s cool about this ride is that you’ll be able to put a face to Mark Palombi’s car when you see him at H2Oi this weekend riding shotgun with his girl Natalia rollin up and down the strip!



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