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E Thirty Six


It’s so much easier to write an article on someone you know, especially a friend and 2LO crew member.  Enter Sam Ostrout’s bagged BMW E36 3-Series.
Sam drew a lot of attention at an early stage of the summer after showing up to meets in his ultra low static dropped bimmer poking an AMG wheel setup cambered to 6-7 degrees in the back.

He rode around town a few months before getting pulled over by the local police force for an illegal level of gangsterness (aka proper fitment).  It’s deplorable that you can’t roll in peace nowadays, especially knowing that the scene in 2011 is more about being low & slow rather than ripping it up and down side streets. Who knew that cops could hate that much on a ride with so much swagger?Knowing that all good things must come to an end, Sam’s love of being static dropped was passing its prime.  It didn’t take long for him to contact Andrew @ Open Road Tuning to put on order on a custom Bagyard Supreme setup.  After a few months of waiting, the kit finally arrived and it was time for Sam to get his car through inspection (back to stock) and then getting it going with the install.

The install took place at Gab Eurosport by mechanics Martin and Gab himself, and few hours later Sam was on the road, playing with AVS 7 Switch box from his 4 way analog kit.  The major parts of the air ride system goes as followed:

  • Bagyard Supreme front bags
  • Bagyard Classic rear bags
  • AVS 7 switch box
  • 5 gallon tank
  • 2 x Autopilot manifold
  • 1 x water trap
  • ViAir dual needle gauges
  • 1 x ViAir 400cc compressor
  • UUC Camber rear kit
  • Camber bolt front

Now that the hardware was in, it became easier for Sam to stick to swap out his old AMG’s for 8.5″ all around OEM Mercedes Aero 1 wheels.  Some 205-40-17 tires and 17mm spacers finalized the setup giving his bimmer a final ET of 13… which saved his rear fenders from more destruction.

An OEM M front lip and a pair of OEM side skirts, blacked out front grill, trunk lid lip, textured Euro moldings and a couple of sleek additions sum up the beauty and OEM+ styling of this E36.

Keep it up bro, we are more then happy to have you as a part of AirSociety and the 2LO Crew!



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