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Dawn of the Dead


Rising from the dead is something best left to witch doctors, rogue viruses & Mike Zimny.

Back in August, Mike was keeping us up to date on the progression of his bag build in our forums when tragedy struck.  On his way to VagFair right after installing his air suspension setup he got into a fender bender, all was thought to be lost…

Thankfully he worked his magic and in no time flat the damage was repaired and Mike was on his way with his brand new reanimated ride.

All good zombie rides need proper footwear and this MK6 is no different.  A set of 17×8″ ET20 and 17×9″ ET25 DP Motorsport AMP’s keep this ride firmly planted to the ground at all times.

Keeping him grounded at all times, Mike opted for a set of Air Lift XL fronts and Slam Specialties SS-5 rears with signature D-Cups.

Hiding underneath that clean trunk floor is a 5 gallon aluminum skinny tank, a VIAIR 444c compressor, a Numatics Water Trap, and an EasyStreet Manifold.

Dual VIAIR black faced dual needle gauges display all the vitals and an AVS 7 Switch switch box controls the heart of the beast.

When the zombie apocalypse happens there’s no other place I’d want to be than inside of Mike Zimny’s GTI.  Big shout outs go to his financee Meghan, and to Brad Jacobson & Matt Wobbleton for helpin him put the project together.

Additional shout outs go out to Arin & Evan at APR, Bagriders, AirSociety, SoEuro.Org, Brandon from Bakk2Basics, Johnny, Andrew, Brando, Jon, Matt and all his other friends for their support.

Time for the breakdown:

  • front: Air Lift XL
  • rear: SS-5’s with modified D-Cups, Air Lfit Shocks
  • 5 Gallon Aluminum Skinny (AccuAir legless tank)
  • ViAir 444c compressor
  • Numatics Water Trap
  • EasyStreet Black Aluminum Manifolds
  • AVS 7-Switch Switch Box
  • (2) ViAir Black Faced Dual Needle Gauges w/ 1/8″ Airline
  • 1/4″ airline all around with flow controls in the rear

Photographer: Andrew Revels –


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