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The Dreamer


Most North Americans that know what the New Scirocco is have only learned about it and seen it on the internet and have had to admire it from afar due to it not being available for sale over here.  Thankfully Björn picked one up in Europe, layed it out on air and sent us the pictures so we could share them with the world and see just how classy they get when modded right.

After 16 years of absence, we’re finally able to bring this one of a kind model back home and take a look at all the things that make her special.  The black and white accents of this ride contrast perfectly against one another and compliment the aggressive layout of the car.

It’s hard to know the amount of attention Björn’s Scirocco gets in his home town but seeing this car laying frame on 19 x 8.5” original BBS Super RS’ sure is making me stop and stare.

In order to get this baby laying so low it should come with a shovel to dig itself out of the earth when aired out, custom shortened H&R coilovers were built from and paired with UV Aero Sports Bags on custom brackets and custom upper bearings with 4 degree adjustable camber for the front setup. The rear comprises of the same modified shocks except the bags are Rollbags with custom brackets.

Running  3/8″ valves, a 480c ViAir compressor, 10mm lines, a 3 gallon tank and double needle ViAir gauges and switches hidden in dash for management.  Björn let us know that he will soon be upgrading to an AccuAir management system to complete the killer exterior.

Big shout outs from Björn to Alois Hankofer from AH Exclusive Parts and H&R, Adi Babic @ Flachwerk and Mario Mattick for just being the best mates in the world!

Take a look at the bag breakdown while you pick your jaw up off the floor:

  • Front Custom length H&R coils from with UV Aero Sports Bags on custom Brackets and custom upper bearing with adjustable camber up to -4°
  • Rear Custom length H&R coils, also from, Rollbag with custom brackets
  • 3 gallon air tank
  • 3/8″ valves
  • 480c ViAir compressor
  • 10mm lines
  • ViAir double needle gauge
  • Analogue Switches hidden in dash

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