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A while back we posted a video shoot by Kenny Cano about a bagged Imola Yellow 20th Anniversary GTI, little did I know that 3 months later I’d be face to face with it at Waterfest.

While walking around the the show grounds, I caught a glimmer of yellow, white and pink out of the corner of my eye.  I made a bee-line sprint to take a closer look and to my surprise there was a whole beach in the middle of the car show!

White sand, a pink flamingo, an inflatable palm tree and even a full swimming pool made the perfect beachfront property for Paige Blaze’s bagged GTI.  The 90+ degree weather definitely made that little kiddie pool mighty inviting!

I stopped Paige in between her mad dashes to and from a nearby hose to fill up her pool to talk to her about her ride and the layout of her show area.  It turns out she’d carted all that sand and equipment from home and spent more than 4 hours setting it up in the hopes of winning first place in her category at Waterfest.

A set of 17×8″ and 17×9″ Artec Edition L’s act like frosting on the cake and set off this one of a kind Volkswagen perfectly.  With a final offset of +33 in the front and +35 out back, the fitment of this bagged beauty is spot on as well.

Dual ViAir 400c compressors, a 5 gallon tank and 8 ASCO valves feed air to a set of UVAIR Aero Sport front and Firestone rear bags providing enough down time to allow Paige to relax and get her tan on at the shore.

Staying classy till the end, Paige shows that the world of air suspension isn’t just a domain for men as she took home top prize at Waterfest 17.  I for one am anxiously awaiting the next Euro show Paige is entering to see just how she plans to top her stand up performance at Waterfest.

Take a look at the bag breakdown:

  • 2x ViAir 400c, 150psi compressors
  • 1x 5 Gallon tank
  • 8x ASCO 300psi 3/8 brass valves
  • 1x 145psi pressure switch
  • 2x 40 Amp relays
  • 2x ViAir dual needle 220psi lighted gauges 2xFilter/Water traps
  • 3/8 SMC DOT air line
  • 1/8 SMC DOT gauge line
  • AVS 7 switch, switch box
  • 2x UVAIR Aero Sport front bags
  • 2x UVAIR front bracket kit
  • 2x Firestone rolling sleeve rear bags
  • Mason tech great plates


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