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The low rider car culture has typically been associated with people from the South Western United States, however cars that go bump in the night aren’t only limited to California area codes.  Welcome to Luxurious Montreal.

Founded by Paul Garcia in 1989, the Luxurious Car Club started as a small grouping of low riders out of California however chapters quickly opened up across North America and in 2004 one was founded in Montreal, Canada by David Gravelle.

These guys have been bagging everything and everything they can get their hands on including this forest green Jeep Cherokee, Chevy Monte Carlo and Impala.

Bagging a low rider is much different than bagging your average car or mini truck as the functionality of a low rider is all about getting max height rather than trying to reach new lows therefore the whole body & frame of each and every one of these rides has to be strengthened with thick steel sway bars, and reinforced body parts to keep them from falling apart.

This Monte Carlo isn’t the same as the one your grandfather used to take to and from bingo nights at the church.  It’s been loaded up with four massive compressors so big they fill up this 5 gallon tank in less than 5 seconds!  Talk about blowing some steam.

Old school Impalas are one of the premiere cars that come to mind when one thinks of the words “low rider”.  With its clean lines and vintage flair, this ’63 needs very little mods to make sure it stays true to its classy heritage.

The part about Luxurious Montreal that takes them above and beyond the average car club is their devotion to the culture of low riders.

Hosting non profit events that serve to expand and grow the scene locally and attending meet and greets are just some of the things that make these guys such a tight knit community.

Wearing badges on their bodies like marks of honor, the guys and gals at Luxurious bring their passion for low riders and their families wherever they travel.  In the end once the cars go away that’s all you’ve got left.

If you’ve got a sweet spot in your heart for low riders and air ride be sure to drop by their yearly BBQ on August 27, 2011 and say hello to the guys that keep our local scene so fresh!

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