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Flying Low


Co-owner of Strasse Autowerks in Montreal, Canada; Vitali’s bagged MK2 Jetta is one of the hottest dubs Montreal’s got to showcase.

On top of being a personal friend of mine, Vitali is also the one that everyone trusts when it comes to working under the hood of their cars. From big turbo applications to air suspension installs, his work is nothing short of quality.Like the rest of  Vitali’s work, his MK2 is the kind of project that isn’t done half assed.  After years of hard work he can finally say that every nut and bolt tightened was well worth the energy invested, even though we all know tuning a ride is a never ending process.It all started with a 2.8L 24v Vortech Supercharged VR6 swap, Air Lift front and rears and a set of staggered 16×8″ and 16×9″ Schmidt Revolution 2 piece TH Lines with Radinox lips.  An AccuAir E-Level setup was installed so that a premium ride height could be had no matter the driving conditions.

If you haven’t seen our video on Vitali’s aired out ride yet, please do.

Standing beside this car and listening to the symphony playing from the V-1 race version heavy duty polished charger you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world!Other engine mods include a C2 Motorsports custom supercharge file, 630cc injectors,  Walbro fuel pump, Forge supersized DV, 24x10x3.5 front mount intercooler, custom 6 puck ceramic clutch kit, Autotech aluminum lightweight flywheels and 3” downpipe with Borla race muffler and a handful of others bring this beast over the 300WHP milestone.

MK4 R32 Deep Blue Pearl was painted on to bring this car back to life after adding various OEM and aftermarket parts.  Instead of enumerating all the visible body mods to no end, I’ll end with mentioning the 11” B5 S4 disks and 2 piston calipers hiding behind those sexy 2 piece wheels.

Now on to the details of the suspension setup:

  • AccuAir E-level with touch pad management
  • Dual ViAir 400cc compressors
  • 5 gallon black steel Air Lift tank
  • Air Lift front and rear bags
  • 3/4 costum front ladder lines
  • VR6 mk3 drive train
  • Autotech front and rear sway bars


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