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Aqua Fresh


Rob Langelier’s (better known as Wobbie) 1989 325IS went through a mid life crisis after going through multiple makeovers throughout the years.  From half completed spray paint jobs to quick touch ups, this ride has seen it all.  At the end of the day we can finally say it’s one hella clean E30 and that’s all that matters.

While our attention is focused on the amazing Ford Australia Breeze Mica paint job, the less noticeable things like a set of Ford Taurus side skirts blend in like butter.  I mean come on, Ford Taurus skirts on an E30? Is it gangster and original enough for you guys?A set of XXR 002 15 x 8″ wheels are thrown on with a 0 offset to give it a truly unique wheel fitment.  Before he even had time to sit back and enjoy it, Rob came out and slapped on some 15mm spacers on all 4 corners and rolled and pulled the fenders for an even better stance.

While flying like a G6 might only be lyrics in a song, Rob takes it to heart by installing a set of Pontiac G6 seats in this bad ass Bimmer. To complete the interior aesthetics, leather door cards and a suede headliner were added to clean up the 1989 interior.

What’s always great to see is people putting this much passion and effort into their cars.  A complete ’95 E36 325IS motor with shaved engine bay was swapped into this bagged beast thanks to a lot of trial and error wrenching on Rob’s part.

If you plan on getting your E30 as low as this one there’s a few things you’ve got to custom fabricate like Rob’s one of a kind bag over shortened strut setup.  Take a look at his bag breakdown for more inspiration:

  • Custom bag over strut using Universal Air Aerosports with shortened strut housings
  • Custom rear using Universal Air House 2
  • 2 x ViAir 380c compressors
  • 5 Gallon Tank
  • Manual Valves
  • 1/8″ Air line
  • 2 dual needle gauges

Shout outs to the awesome friends that gave him a hand putting the car together, 6LOW3, and his dad for letting him take over the garage for the entire winter piecing it together lol!


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