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Monthly archives: August 2011

Flying Low

Co-owner of Strasse Autowerks in Montreal, Canada; Vitali’s bagged MK2 Jetta is one of the hottest dubs Montreal’s got to showcase. On top of being a personal friend of mine, Vitali is also the one that everyone trusts when it comes to working under the hood of their cars. From big turbo applications to air suspension installs, his work is nothing short of quality.Like the rest of  Vitali’s work, his […]

Montreal's Finest

Montreal, Canada is a hot bed of air suspension activity. Vitali’s MK2 2.8 24v VR6 Supercharged VW Jetta pushing over 300whp is just one of the hot rides cruising around town on his AccuAir E-Level setup.  Video produced by us with the help of AccuAir, let us know what you think in the comments section!  

Patiently Waiting

When it comes to not rushing into things and taking your time, Ryan Rosenberg’s your man.  His bagged MK5 GTI embodies this mantra by having been pieced together over time to become the clean machine it is today. Bagging a MK5 is pretty straight forward since there are many kits for them that come straight out of the box from various manufacturers, however Ryan opted for a different route.  Instead […]

Bros Before H*es

Going back a couple of months to Eurokacy 2011, I got the chance to meet up with Manolo Velasco in Montreal, Canada as he took home the trophy of the lowest ride at the limbo competition.  2 months later I was reunited with Manolo’s brother Carman at Vagkraft in Toronto and the rest is history. Owning one of the most well known bagged BMW Z4’s (if not the only one) […]


The low rider car culture has typically been associated with people from the South Western United States, however cars that go bump in the night aren’t only limited to California area codes.  Welcome to Luxurious Montreal. Founded by Paul Garcia in 1989, the Luxurious Car Club started as a small grouping of low riders out of California however chapters quickly opened up across North America and in 2004 one was […]

Air Lift Mazda3 Project

This is the thread you’re going to want to follow if you’re a Mazda3 owner looking for new lows. The folks at Air Lift have finally designed a full kit for you guys. No more hassle with pot holes and knocking subframes as you can easily enjoy a new ride and parking height with the flick of a switch.. All you need is a set of these and you’ll enjoy […]