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White Gold


Every once in a while a car comes along that grabs your attention like no other.  To anyone attending Waterfest 17 this weekend, Russell’s MK6 GTI brought out the inner child is us in ways only imaginable.

I had the pleasure of talking to Russell briefly about his ride and what he had to say was simply amazing.

Working as a sales consultant at a VW dealership allowed him to pick up a Candy White MK6 GTI that was originally meant to be used as a daily driven ride, but mod after mod has led him in a whole other direction.

The love and support of his friends, family and girlfriend allowed Russ to go above and beyond what most bagged rides have to offer.

Thanks to his brother who worked for many long hours, Russ was able to get the title of the first shaved body MK6 GTI in North America.  Shaved front and rear bumpers, hood and hatch, filled in exhaust and painted side skirts put this MK6 in a league of its own.

Some say bags and BBS’ are played but when done right it doesn’t make a bit of a difference.  Custom polished lips with gold offsetted spike and regular bolted together BBS Super RS’s adorn this GTI.  Painted white centres finish off the 18×8 ET42 front and 18×9 ET37 rear staggered wheels that compliment the OEM+ exterior.

Not many bagged rides can boast engine mods that rival the body drop mods but Russell’s GTI is no ordinary bagged ride.  APR Stage II+ software, Carbonio stage 2 intake, ATP 3″ catless down pipe + mid pipe hooked up to an AWE catback exhaust, S3 intercooler, Rev D diverter valve, and Tiguan pipe put him over the top with the correct amount of power to match his proper offset.

The motor of Russell’s ride propels him to and from his destination but his bags are what allow him to get there and park without breaking any of that beautiful body work.

Managed by Switchspeed, an AccuAir VU-4 valve system distributes air from a 5 gallon tank, past the SMC water traps, through 3/8″ air lines, and into and out of the Air Lift XL fronts and RE-5 rears sitting atop a pair of Dorbritz’ signature D-Cups to allow for a cleanly tucked parking height.

The passion that Russell has for his car is what powers me to write this feature because if we don’t have passion for our rides then we’ve got nothing more than really low hunks of metal.

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