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What’s better then starting the week on this little piece of art put together by Joe Castro.  Your only worry this Monday morning should be to relax and grab a coffee to enjoy this video.

Before describing the car, here’s what Joe had to tell AirSociety about the production of this video:

I had the urge to do something like this for a while. I’ve seen many videos on the Web and especially on AirSociety. So what I did was, I just got ideas from the videos I liked, threw it into a pot and with my own creativity, I made my own lil’ video.

In this video, I show how the VW Passat can be part of the cool crowd but yet stand out on its own. I also wanted to show that even though, it may look like a show car, it is honestly a true “Daily Driver”! With the combination of Bagyard and Accuair, my daily driver is always making a statement everywhere it goes!

If my car hard had a slogan, it’ll be “Low and Slow…But fast, if I have to be” 😉

I’ve seen several modified B5.5 Passats and I’ve got to give this one to you Joe, yours is just perfect. Your down low styling and classiness are the top 2 things that come to mind when looking at your car.

While many other tuners over mod their rides, yours perfected the minimalistic look with sleek touches to make this beauty shine on the red carpet.

After shaving and molding the front and rear stock bumpers, shaving the trunk lid, and smoothing the Euro door rub strips, it didn’t leave many more mods other than repainting it.  A full Audi Brilliant Red respray was done with black top & black mirrors to make this Passat stand out from the competition.

A set of gold powder coated 18×8.5″ and 18×9.5″ BBS LM’s were put on as accessories to complete the Lady in Red’s look.

Low & slow isn’t really the case when Joe decides to press the gas pedal since a PES Supercharger and reflashed ECU hides under the hood with more than your average engine mods.  A K&N drop in air filter, APR Snub/Engine mounts, High flow CAT, and 2.5″ custom cat back exhaust with a Borla muffler compliment the tucked exterior.

Now to the Air Ride setup and the feature video:

  • Bagyard Bomber (Fronts)
  • KW V2 Struts
  • Modified Dorbritz D-Cups  w/ Universal Air AH2 (Rears)
  • AccuAir SwitchSpeed Air Management
  • Single 444 ViAir Comp
  • Color Matched 5 gal tank
  • Dakota Digital Senders
  • Dakota Odyssey Digital air pressure gauge3/8 airlines

Underrated… from Joe Castro on Vimeo.

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