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Takin Over


Waterfest is one of those car shows that always manages to surprise you no matter how long you’ve been visiting.  Just when you think you’ve seen it all, enter the gang from Liberty VIP

Disturbing the peace is more than just a band name, it’s a lifestyle for Will and Ty.  They entered the show grounds this past Sunday with one thing in mind: grab as much attention as possible.

If you’re wondering what was the thought process behind driving Will’s Lexus GS430 and Ty’s Lexus GS300 into the vendors section of Waterfest, read what Will has to say about it:

It just so happened that I was in York, PA attending the Tuner Evolution show on Saturday with the rest of the Liberty VIP cars.

We were heading home on Sunday back to Queens, NY when Lou invited us to Waterfest. So we decided to roll down to check out the show.  Thanks to Lou for inviting us to his Lower Class booth.  He got Ty’s car (GS300) and my car (SC430) in the show.

We weren’t really suppose to be in that show but that crazy idea came from Ty while we were about to park into the lot but decided to drive into the show at the last second.

Will: Do you know where Lou’s booth is?

Ty: No, lets drive around and find it lol..

So we drove in 2 mph through aisle after aisle with 1000’s of people walking until we found Lou’s booth and just laid the cars down.

Will neglected to mention the fact that the minute they aired out they started blasting classic hop hop and rap music throughout the show.  The best ideas sometimes come off a whim like this and we were glad to be a part of it.  Time to take a closer look at these bad boys and see what makes them tick.

Sitting on top of a set of 19×9.5 ET+13 front and 19×10.5 ET+13 rear Junction Produce wheels, Ty’s GS is one clean machine.

In order to lay frame, the GS was outfitted with a bag over coil setup.  BC coilovers were custom valved to 12KG up front and 10KG out back and mated to UAS AeroSport shortened bag fronts and rears to give it the perfect parking height.

The twin 3 gallon tanks, AccuAir VU-4 Manifold, dual ViAir 444C compressors and Numatics water traps are all located on either side of the trunk underneath custom fabricated covers to keep the plush interior flowing out back.

Ty’s GS300:

  • BC custom coilover setup valved to 12KG front and 10Kg Rear
  • UAS AeroSport Shortened Bag Fronts
  • UAS Aerosport Bag Rears
  • Twin 3 Gallon air Tanks
  • AccuAir VU4 Manifold
  • Dakota digital Odyssey Quad Air Pressure monitor Chrome with Blue lettering
  • 5x 500 PSI senders
  • Dual ViAir 444C Chrome Compressors
  • Dual Numatics Water Traps
  • 3/8″ Air lines
  • Custom Wireless Remote Control
  • Chrome 7button switch box

Will’s SC is in a league of its own.  A set of 19×10 ET-16 and 19×11.5 ET-7 Weds Kranze Bazreias fit perfectly inside custom pulled and flared fenders.

The widening of the car didn’t stop with the fenders, Nate at Dreamakers Kustoms widened the front and rear bumpers as well.  The goal was to be able to drive around completely aired out.

Beneath the white exterior Will found enough room in the trunk of his hard top convertible to slap in a fully chromed 5 gallon tank holding the air required to inflate and deflate his UAS AeroSport bag setup.  Nothing short of an AccuAir E-Level and VU-4 setup would be proper enough for this SC.

Will’s SC430:

  • UAS AeroSport Air Bags
  • 3/8″ lines
  • AccuAir E-Level
  • AccuAir VU-4 manifold
  • Dual ViAir 444C Chrome compressors
  • AccuAir Wireless remote control
  • 5 gallon tank.

The VIP scene is held down with guys like Will and Ty from Liberty VIP, but being part of the culture means more than slapping on fancy wheels, low bags, plush leather seats and doing custom body work…

…being VIP is being part of a lifestyle that requires an enjoyment of the finer things in life with the friends and family that mean the most to you, all the while keeping your cool with a fresh bottle of Crystal in the back seat.

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