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Six Shooter


The guys from Tjin Edition have been producing quality rides for some time now including the All Star Camaro, 5 Litre Mustang, or Honda CR-Z.  This time they’ve done it again with a 2009 Pontiac G8!

This 5.7 Litre beast started its life as a run of the mill G8.  It went to the chopping block and emerged with a brand new PPG Blue/Grey one off paint job with beige and black pin striping from Jeff Styles.

In case you didn’t catch it from the first image, this road warrior is rolling on a set of fully polished 20×9.5″ and 20×10.5″ One Lug Wheels covering up Z06 big brakes.

Thanks to Air Lift, the 20 inch rollers are now able to sit perfectly while the car is parked.  The bolt on application clearly brings this Pontiac to a whole new level of low.

A full Autopilot Digital management setup is nestled between a set of sexy black and red leather wrapped & diamond stitched Status seats.

Speaking of interiors, can anyone honestly claim that this ride isn’t classy as Hell on the inside?  ABG went out of their way customizing this one as everything from the ceiling , door panels, and arm rest are wrapped to match the front seats.

There’s even a custom made baby seat in the back for the mommy and daddy on the go!

The engine bay got the same treatment as it was fully shaved and painted matte black so the Vortech Supercharger and American Racing headers can get the attention they deserve.

Quality rides are made with quality components & clear vision.  The folks at Tjin Edition have so far displayed vision clearer than a hawk with their road show rides. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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