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Eurokracy Defined II


Success isn’t easy, especially when you’re trying to start a unique Euro show in a city that’s never had one before.  Thankfully Eurokracy was a success due in big part to the air suspension community.

Taking home the Lowest Limbo prize at Eurokracy 2011, Manolo’s bagged BMW Z4 on 18″ Schmidt TH Lines is truly something that needs to be seen to be fully appreciated.  Sitting just under 50″ from floor to the top of his windshield, this convertible beat out a VW Thing without out a roof and dropped windshield and a Rabbit Pickup stacked full with almost a dozen people to take home the gold.

Unix Performance’s aired out Audi A8L sits low enough to almost be used as a dinner table, it even comes with dishes!  Tucking a set of 19″ Work Eurolines and a custom fabricated bags setup, there’s no reason anyone should be afraid to dine with the guys from Unix.

It was only a month ago that we saw Phil at the Orange Julep running around with a box of Air Lift XL’s looking like a kid on Christmas.  After some hard work, Phil’s bagged MK5 Rabbit was able to strut its stuff with the rest of us in no time flat!

Yannick and his brother Mike have had bagged rides for longer than AirSociety’s been in existence.  Yan’s dumped MK3 Jetta on legit BBS RS’ is a ride that comes from the heart.  Air Lift powered air suspension keeps this MK3 grounded at all times.

Stan’s the man!  It takes big balls to bag your brand new MK6 GTI but that’s one thing that Stan’s got plenty of.  A completely shaved front and rear end keep Stan’s MK6 GTI fresh and unique at all times.

Big Dave almost didn’t make it to Eurokracy this year!  His MK4 GTI was undergoing major reconstruction well into the morning leading up to the event.  Custom burnt orange centres on his Panasport G7’s match the burnt orange transmission that offset the shaved matte black  engine bay.  Not to mention his killer parking height is due to a set of Air Lift XL fronts and Firestone rears.

Compliments of Euromedian is a picture of CJ’s timeless classic GTI on staggered 18″ CCW LM20’s.  Bagyard Bombers were necessary in order to keep manhole covers away while driving and still keeping her ride low enough when parked to offer a perfect stance.

A hit and run couldn’t keep Kia and his MK4 Jetta away from Eurokracy.  A giant band aid covers the boo boo’s but she’s still running!  Nothing says “get better soon” than looking at this bagged and ESM staggered sled.

Vitali’s MK2 Jetta is definitely low, but is far from being slow.  A C2 Motorsports supercharged R32 motor keeps him always ready to get to where he needs to be at a moment’s notice.  Also riding on a set of Schmidt TH Lines.

Trouble comes in double with Jesse and Sergio’s bagged MK5’s tucking 19″ Rotiform Nues.  Air Lift XL are the method for the madness with these rides.

Driving up from New York comes Rich and his bagged MK5 GTI on Carline CM6’s.  This was hands down one of the cleanest and most detailed rides at the show, in fact there are so many details to this ride that you’re better off reading our article about it to see it all.

In the background of the previous set of pictures you might have noticed Vinny’s Yellow Fahrenheit GLI.  Complimenting his brothers Stan and Rich from New York, this low MK5 sits atop of OEM Mercedes Alphards to give it that killer look.

Who says momma’s grocery getter couldn’t lay frame?  Will from Bag Riders hauled himself north of the border with his wood grained Honda Odyssey to take in the sights of Eurokracy first hand.

Bag Riders didn’t come with just one car, they came with two bagged rides!  Subaru fanboys back away, this one’s going to ruffle your feathers a bit.  TE37’s were slapped onto Rali’s WRX and give it a truly proper offset.

Although it might be tough to tell from this angle, Jackie’s MK4 is missing more than just her hood… she’s missing her wheel gap as well.  Lining up to compete in the Limbo Competition, she offered a great effort but alas it wasn’t enough to take home the top prize.

Not many can boast having a Passat Wagon so low and so high that it’s able to lay frame and clip telephone wires.  Well maybe it isn’t that high but thanks to Fuel Riders we’ve got a shot of it!

Pink BBS RS’ stick out past the fenders to offer a one of a kind look to this champagne MK4.  Great drivers are the ones ready to roll in pink to set their rides apart.

What would a Euro show be without Daniel’s Lexus GS350 on 3 Piece Rotiform BLQ’s?  Well the answer would be “just another Euro show”.  Tucking all day and night long, Daniel’s got what it takes to be considered one of the top tier cars of Montreal.

The day after Eurokracy was filled with hangovers, headaches and a trip to the Montreal Circuit Gilles Villeneuve Formula 1 Grand Prix Race track for a photoshoot.  As you can see the air suspension community came out in full force to Montreal to strut their stuff to the world.

We’ll definitely be back for 2012!

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