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Eurokracy Defined I


The people of the province of Quebec, Canada have been traveling all over North America and beyond to feed their addiction of Euro cars for years. H2Oi, Southern Worthersee, Vagkraft, Deutsch Fest, and even Waterfest have enjoyed over a decade of our loyal and die hard fans driving hours and hours just to see a quality Euro spectacle.  This year we gave them a spectacle closer to home called Eurokracy.

The Montreal car scene has been on the decline for years.  Most of the big shows have either closed down or are not addressing the direction that the modern tuning scene is going in.  When we first set off on our mission to create a Euro show in Montreal we wanted to not only to address these issues and reinvigorate the local tuning scene, but to pay tribute to the people of this province who have been craving and deserving a worthy car show to call their own for years.  We wanted to bring to Montreal a Euro show that showcased the quality home grown rides to the world.

Eurokracy became more than just a car show for us, it became an addiction.  We had been to many shows over the years and had picked up enough inspirational material to make ours a success.

Traditional car shows that involve people walking around and seeing vendors is a great starting point to begin with, but in order to take Eurokracy to the next level we took a page out of Air Affair (thanks for the inspiration guys) and brought a fun limbo competition to the table.  The idea was simple to start off with: pit a bunch of static cars against a bunch of bagged cars in a limbo battle to see which ride emerges as the lowest.  The first problem began with building the posts and figuring out a way to get these cars under it safely.

Luckily we had enough help from our friends that we got it done on time and Manolo in his bagged BMW Z4 on Schmidt TH Lines took the top prize at just under 50″ from ground to the top of the window with Skip Tuning’s static dropped MK2 Rabbit Pickup coming in a close second (they resorted to deflating their four tires and piling on about a dozen people onto the ride to get it to nearly beat the drop height of the bimmer).

The burnout competition came next.  The wet weather helped the few brave souls that lined up and started tearing up the track.  In the end it came down to DM Motorsports’ MK4 VR6 and Paul’s C63 AMG.  DM ended up taking the win thanks to a burnout that lasted for over 2 minutes (video at the end of the article), but props go out to Paul for having the balls to burn rubber in his Merc.

The day of rain scrapped the drag races but it didn’t hold back the droves of people who came to visit.  In the end Eurokracy attracted over 1000 spectators and judging by the smiling faces we saw in the crowd we know that 2012 will bring nothing but bigger and better things!

Our passion is cars, and our love is the Euro scene.  We know that by pouring everything we’ve got into Eurokracy we’ll not only be giving something back to our home town but to the community as a whole.  Big thanks go out to Matt, Kia, Lia, Rita, Andrea, Pierre-Yves, Tim, Daniel D, Lindsay, Dan, Lidia, Julia and Josh for helping the magic happen!  Stay tuned for Eurokracy Defined II next week for a more in depth look at the bagged rides of Eurokracy 2011.

Take a look at DM Motorsports’ burnout

Paul’s ballsy C63 AMG burnout

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