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The Euro car community has been aware of J.j. from Dubkorps/AWOL‘s B5 Audi S4 Wagon for a while now, in fact those that can reach far enough back in their memories will remember when it was still painted white.  One bear attack, several layers of olive drab paint and a few sets of wheels later, this S4 turned RS4 Wagon got hopped up on air for a drop worthy of the rest of the car.Audi-b5-a4-rotiform-tmb-bagged-air-suspension-dubkorps-awol-005Looking more like something one would see coming out of a WW2 movie, the flat green paint job and black accents give it the semblance of the kind of machine that would tear through enemy lines in no time flat.  The outer shell of this ride, in fact, was painted at a Marine Corps base with anti-infrared, anti-corrosive military grade paint!Audi-b5-a4-rotiform-tmb-bagged-air-suspension-dubkorps-awol-001Lately this wagon’s been seen on a ton of Rotiform wheels including the NUE & SJC models, however the latest set of rollers are 18×10″ all around Rotiform TMB.  Translucent gold plated centres housed within solid chrome lips knock this one of a kind wheel setup out of the park.Audi-b5-a4-rotiform-tmb-bagged-air-suspension-dubkorps-awol-006If you’ve been following the B5 Prototype Build Up Thread in our forums, you’ve been aware of Air Lift’s goal of creating a set of bags for the B5 A4/S4 platform for some time now.  There were only 3 sets of this suspension kit in existence at the time these pictures were taken, and one of them was shipped directly to J.j. to be installed on his ride.  Talk about rare!Audi-b5-a4-rotiform-tmb-bagged-air-suspension-dubkorps-awol-003Seeing as how this kit was still in prototype mode up until a short while ago, a lot of hustling was done by Air Lift in order to get the struts and bags manufactured and shipped out in time for Waterfest.  As soon as they landed the guys at Cars, Inc. in Chesapeake, Virginia went straight to work installing them.Audi-b5-a4-rotiform-tmb-bagged-air-suspension-dubkorps-awol-002AccuAir was called up to deliver the goods.  An E-Level management setup was slapped in to make sure there would be no fiddling around while driving and an equal amount of pressure would be found in all four corners of the Green Giant.Audi-b5-a4-rotiform-tmb-bagged-air-suspension-dubkorps-awol-004A man always on the go meets an air suspension setup capable of getting him to and from the next gig.  Make sure you keep an eye out for him at your local Euro events and ask him how it’s holding up after piling on the miles!

The Breakdown:

  • Air Lift front and rear bags
  • AccuAir E-Level management
  • Dual ViAir 400c compressors
  • 4.5 Gallon Pancake tank

Grab the HD Wallpaper of J.j.’s ride while it’s still hot!19201200_dkpumped

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