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Tracking Bagged by Air Lift


Most people have misconceptions that bagged cars don’t belong on the track.  Air Lift is breaking this stigma one step at a time starting at Beaverrun Motorsports’ Complex in Pennsylvania, Gingerman Raceway in Michigan and Carolina Motorsports Park in SC.

A common legend about bags is that an air bag will fly off your vehicle while pounding sharps curves on the road or at the track.  Making sure that this kind of issue is something that never happens is what Air Lift engineers work day and night on.

Lapping, tracking and rally cross days organized by the team are meant to test each bag ride setup to see how well they handle and hold up to more physically demanding motorsport throughout a grueling day.

It’s also very important to note that these rides were tracked back to back ( minus the rally event ).  Starting with more traditional suspension manufacturers such as KW for the Scion TC, Air Lift then slapped on some XL’s using the same alignment settings, tires and brakes to note any time differences and or hiccups.The goal isn’t to prove that bags are better then OEM springs or coilover systems on the track but to showcase the durability of their products as well as providing a sweet look when aired out.  We are seeing more and more track builds on air in our forums and we hope to bring a different perspective to the debate in order to understand all aspects to bagging your rides.

Ending while noting that the 2 Porsche’s, the silver Mustang and the Corvette aren’t bagged.  The others are layed out on nothin’ but air.

Follow Air Lift’s track thread HERE.



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