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Standing Tall


“Standing Tall” might sound like a strange name for an article that’s showcasing a ride that is dumped on air suspension, but the meaning behind this title choice is due to the countless hours and determination that Justin Bergin poured into his one of a kind VW R32.

We’ve been following Justin’s Bag Build Thread in the AirSociety forums for almost two months and have been astonished at the attention to detail and perseverance he put into making his .:R more than just another bagged MK4.

Starting with the rollers, nothing goes with bags better than CCW wheels.  Justin therefore slapped on some 18″ x 9″ and 18″ x 10″ LM5’s to take full advantage of his newly painted front end & low parking height.

A custom filled hood and bumper were achieved due to some fine welding and painting from Autoworks Collision Center in Rockford Minnesota.

If you’ve got a MK4 R32 and are looking to bag your ride with a bolt on kit, think again.  There aren’t that many manufacturers that make kits for these rides so some custom mixing and matching of parts is necessary in order to properly lay frame.

Justin’s ride needed to be equipped with a unique bag combo, in comes Air Lift & Universal Air to the rescue!  The front sits on a set of Air Lift XL’s and the rears are sitting on Universal Air AH2 bags with a slim bracket & Bilstein PSS9 shocks.

The custom tank layout created by Eric Johnston is truly one of a kind.  A 5 gallon AccuAir tank sits flush with a false floor covering dual ViAir 480cc Compressors with dual water traps and a custom manifold to tie it all together.

Fading into the sunset is something we hope never happens to Justin’s R32, but if ever he does decide to retire it one day we’ve always got pictures by John Minor and Eric Johnston to keep us reminded of just how special it was.  Keep on Standing Tall and Laying Low Justin!

Here’s the Bag Breakdown:

  • Front Suspension : Air Lift XL
  • Rear Suspension : Universal AH2 bags with a slim bracket & PSS9 Shocks
  • Dual ViAir 480 cc Compressors with 2x water traps with a custom manifold
  • Easystreet Autopilot full digital setup
  • 5 Gallon AccuAir tank with Schraeder valve

Big shout out to Eric Johnston for doing an amazing job with turning the tide with Justin’s R32.  Justin doesn’t think it would have been looking like this for quite awhile without his help, very appreciative for everything that he has done.

Other shout outs go to:

  • Autoworks Collision Center in Rockford Minnesota
  • Jeff Jacobson (Thank you sir for your inspiration. Truly have great style)
  • Dan @ Complete Custom Wheel
  • Ryan Hall
  • Patrick Shaughnessy
  • Eric Middlestaedt
  • Nolan Gherity
  • Cynthia Jeanovil
  • Chuck (Capt2.slow)
  • Air Lift Company
  • Bag Riders
  • Mike Olson and Further Performance
  • Tristan Henderson and Further Performance
  • Imola Motorsports

“To everyone else that had any impact in helping me with my vehicle over the years. Thank you all very much”
– Justin

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