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Leveled Eos


We’ve been bugging Drew Dorbritz of Dorbritz Designs to feature his sleek VW Eos for a while now but he’s always told us to wait for the day when his ride is complete… Today is that day.

This Eos is the prime showpiece of Drew’s career of talent that’s touched cars of all makes and models.  Time to dig deeper and see what makes this ride so unique.

Proper fitment on the Eos was achieved with a set of 19″ Rotiform Nue wheels.  The 3 piece concaves are going to have to wait for some fender work before they get slapped on.

VW’s top of the line convertible got a clean bill of health after Dr. Drew cured it of a very bad case of wheel gap thanks to a set of Masontech front and Slam Specialties RE-6 rear bags sitting on top of Dorbritz’s signature D-Cups.

AccuAir was called up for a top of the line E-Level management system with a wireless controller that was custom fit into the center console so that Drew would be able to lay frame no matter if he was inside or outside of his car.

Naturally the D-Cups and the interior aren’t the only pieces of custom work done to this Eos, take a look at the custom trunk setup and hard lines fabricated by Drew himself that bring this ride to a whole new level of clean.

Thanks to D.Tek for the pictures, now check out the breakdown of Drew’s bag setup.

  • AccuAir E-Level w/ Remotes
  • Masontech Front Bags
  • Slam Specialties RE-6 Rears with Dorbritz Designs D-Cups
  • 2 VIAIR 400c Compressors
  • 3 Gallon Aluminum Tank

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