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If you guessed that the capital R in BananaRama stands for the killer R32 front end to this beautiful bagged Fahrenheit GLI you deserve a cookie!

Aside from being a unique model of VW GLI, the Fahrenheit Editions were only made in a limited quantity of 1200 cars. Owning such a beautiful and rare ride was one of the reasons Vinny pushed to make his stand out even more from others.

Mr. Timebomb choose to rock a set of staggered Mercedes Alphards with proper tire size and camber to insure perfect and flush fitment. For those wondering about the Alphards’ offsets and dimensions, they come in a 18×8.5 ET35F and 18×9.5 ET41R.  The average Joe would have mounted a nice chubby 275-35-18 on the 9.5 incher but tucking 275’s on a bagged MK5 not only looks nasty, but it will probably leave your fender liners in rough shape.

Already fully equipped from factory, this GLI didn’t need many major aesthetic modifications in order to bring it to the next level.  The simple but yet crazy addition of the shaved R32 front end conversion set it all up.

Deciding to rock a set of Bagyard Bombers was an easy choice for Vinny as he was able to keep his front sway bar which was later upgraded for APR ones to make sure he sticks to the road during sharp corners. Who ever said that bagging your car makes you lose all your handling anyways?

Pushing a Stage 2 APR software, 3” APR Down pipe, 3” Magnaflow-Autotech exhaust & a BSH Cold air intake make sure this yellow rocket has enough performance to ride around town just a bit quicker.

Interior mods including LED lighting, New South boost gauge, wrapped pillars and a mix of Kenwood, Power Acoustik, Monsoon an Rockford audio systems.

Here’s the detailed air suspension setup …

  • Bagyard Bomber front bags with sway bar bracket
  • Bagyard Bomber rear bags
  • Accuair E-Level Management
  • Dual VIAIR 480c’s
  • Dual water traps
  • 5 gallon skinny tank with 3/8th line
  • Wireless remotes (raise and lower from a distance)
  • Custom hardwood trunk setup

Can’t wait to see this beauty at the Eurokracy 2011 this summer!







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