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White Air by Santi


One of the guys who has been installing Air Suspensions on VW’s since before it became the cool thing to do is Air by Santi.

Santi’s work stands for the highest level of quality and Christian’s Candy White MK5 GTI is the perfect showcase for what an Air Suspension master can do.

This sleek GTI’s got all the right stuff done to it from the things you can see easily like the Jetta front end and the polished 18″ x 8″ Audi Monoblocks, to the stuff you can’t see like the custom trunk frame for the factory tools and widowmaker.

Christian’s GTI is the product of a Frankenstein merger of Air Lift Slam XL’s up front, and Universal Air House rears.  Naturally the passenger sub-frame is notched and just to make sure it’s able to drive under low driving situations.

The heart of this beast comes via a VIAIR 400c Compressor fed by 1/4″ air lines to a 3 Gallon painted white aluminum tank in the trunk.

When getting your air ride setup installed, there’s nobody with more experience or knowledge than Santi, thanks to him Christian’s got a sweet clean GTI that is so low to the ground that it’s almost knocking on China’s door step.  Well done boys!

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Fronts: Air Lift Slam XL’s
  • Rears: Bilstein Sport Shocks (no bump stops) and Universal Air House 1 bags with Dcups
  • 3 gal Aluminum tank – painted white
  • VIAIR 400c compressor
  • ABS Manifold 8v
  • Dakota Digital Gauge Odyssey Series I
  • AVS Black 7 Switchbox
  • SMC 1/4″ Air Lines
  • SMC Watertrap – full metal bowl
  • Schrader valves
  • 3 trumpet Air Horns
  • Custom frame for factory tools and jack, and false floor

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