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The Story Behind Laylow’s Echo


I must admit that I’m pretty happy to feature my little cousin’s Toyota Echo on AirSociety right now.

I’ll give you a quick run around of how it all started. On a cold winter night, Toby called announcing me that he decided to step out of the VW scene after selling his beloved Mk3 Golf VR6. I won’t lie to you people, I was pretty shocked and didn’t know what to say neither to expect. My world came tumbling down when he admitted buying a used Toyota Echo.

I fell off my chair ….

After picking myself up, he even made it worst adding that it was of that yellow/gold color. I was speechless, no words could describe the disappointment in me BUT one thing remained, I kept faith and never doubted him.

It didn’t take long for him to start working on this car, within a few weeks he had already gathered a pretty neat mod list including a Carbon Fiber front lip, Tein Coilovers, white Rota Track-R wheels, amber side markers, intake, exhaust and black housing headlights… and it was only the beginning.

What I always loved and admired about my cousin is that he never cared about people’s opinions. All he cares about is to be original and unique and that’s what makes him different from the crowd. At the end of the day, we all know that haters will hate & talkers will talk.

It even got better when he showed up to my place a couple months later and aired out this little chubby mustard ball to the floor. My jaw dropped and that was only part one because I saw something I didn’t expect when he popped his hood to my amazement.

Bam, this shiny silver Greddy Supercharger was staring at me. I mean common’ who would expect someone to bag and supercharged a simple Toyota Echo?

There will never be a direct answer to this question, but everything is easily appreciable when well put together.

As this summer just started, some fresh low offset XXR 521’s were thrown on the car, OEM RS top wing was installed and OEM side skirts are on the way.

One thing I can say, you will always impress me with what you do and I am a big fan of you Cuz 🙂

Here’s the custom bag setup :

  • Easy Street 5 Gal tank
  • Air-Zenith OB2 200 PSI compressor
  • 3/8 lines
  • Rear valves 450 PSI made by Xtreme
  • Front valves 300 PSI made by EasyStreet
  • Rear Universal Firestone bags
  • Front Struts designed for 1st Gen XB made by Easystreet



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