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Smitty’s Ballerific M45


AirSociety is always proud to feature different types of aired out rides and this bagged VIP just screams “What’s Up?!”

It all started when Smitty bought an M45 and turned it into a perfect cruiser to roll in the streets of Maryland with his HighSociety crew.  As I’m pretty confident that I am not the only one to have a weakness for VIP rides, Smitty’s ride gives me something even harder to stare at during those long nights!

This Infiniti M45 looks pretty simple at first glance but trust me, there’s much more than wheels and bags on this car… and that’s the beauty of it.

Agree with me or not but 9 times out of 10 you gotta pay to play, especially in the VIP scene. Smitty stepped up to the plate with many quality exterior modifications including an Auto Couture front bumper, Balsarini front grille, Junction Produce roof spoiler, hood bonnet & Eyelids,  window visors and Garson badges.
Behind the scenes are custom front and rear widened fenders in order to fit the 20” Work Varianza DS3 wheels. Now pay attention because these wheels aren’t your average offsetted wheels.
The Varianza’s are 9.5” with a -16 offset up front and  10.5” with a -6 Offset rear wrapped in 225-35F and 235-35R tires.
To finish it off you have the indispensable Junction Produce interior mods such as seat cushions, luxury curtains, Gold Giutuna knot and white/gold Fusa.
Smitty wouldn’t be a true pimp if he wasn’t riding on AIR, so here’s what he’s got to back it up:
  • Custom Universal Air Suspension (UAS) over Megan Coilover setup
  • Dakota Digital electronic pressure gauge
  • Dual VIAIR 400C compressors
  • Polished air tank

Being a big fan of your ride Smitty, I actually thought you pranked me on April’s fools when you said that your future plans consisted of 5 inches front and 7 inches rear new wheels…. then I read again and noticed that you were talking about wheels LIP sizes. You my friend, are my new idol lol! Keep it up.
Smitty would like to thank to HighSociety, Liberty VIP Family, Elite Auto (Chris, Will and Joey), and Steve “Big Ballin” Nguyen for the motivation.


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