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Matt’s Candy MK6 JSW


This JSW ( Jetta Sport Wagon ) has nothing to envy of other dubs in the scene. Probably among the first to bag a new MK6 Jetta Wagon, Matt decided to work with none other than Drew at Dorbritz Designs and the boys at Bag Riders.

Tucking Rotiform BLQ’s is no small feat, especially when they’re 19’s. Custom candy red paint on the outside of this hot wagon matches the candy red tank on the inside to offer a truly custom setup.

If you knew the amount of little things that had to be put together for his setup, you would have probably called it quits after laying down, one by one, each of the Imperial fleet emblems on the tank. I must give a thumbs up to Drew Dorbritz on this one.

From the clean and custom Star Wars tank design and enclosure to the integration of the air suspension electronics components, every little aspect was put in with love. Just look at that sexy AccuAir remote; looking all comfy sleeping in a leather couch lol.

To complete this project, Matt chose a smooth little front lip to make sure the front end is well grounded when aired out. We’ve got ourselves a nice, tricked out MK6 JSW.

More about Matt’s Air Setup :

  • AccuAir E-Level
  • VU4 and 5 gallon tank
  • Air Lift XL’s fronts
  • SS RE-5’s rears
  • Dorbritz D-cups
  • 2 x 400c ViAir compressors

Shout outs to Bag Riders, AccuAir, EuropeanAG and Drew @ Dorbritz Designs & D.Tek for the amazing pictures like always

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