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The winner of AirSociety’s Nippon O Sukuou goes to…


Our man Katsu with his beautiful JDM Mazda Six.

Congratulation on winning AirSociety’s Nippon O Sukuou – Hawaii’s best Air !!!  Check out the feature!

I remember seeing this car in the making on Mazda6Forums a few years back. I used to own a pretty low Mazda 6 at that time and never thought I’d see a bagged one of that caliber today.

In my opinion the Mazda 6 remains a beautiful sedan and a part of my heart still holds a place for Zoom Zoomin. Seeing Katsu’s ride today makes me a proud ex Mazda 6 owner. Nothing compares to a greatly built car, with a combination of quality OEM and JDM parts.

To start off the project Derek ( Katsu ) opted for a full authentic JDM Kenstyle body kit to give that extra layer to the body and then continued the chassis modifications with OEM JDM hyperblack headlights & tail lights, JDM Garage Vary roof spoiler and the list goes on.

This sparkling silver sedan is rolling on nothing less then 19” Work Schwert SC1’s wrapped in Falken tires and red spline drive lugs. This is a pretty neat setup taking in consideration that regular Mazda6’s offset ranges between 51 and 60!

To complete such a beautiful car, Katsu finished it off with many interior and electrical mods such as a custom interior with two-tone leather seats and door panels, 6000K HID’s and 3000K HID fogs, Clarion ProAudio headunit, Umnitza “demon eyes” and a little VIP touch… Here’s some shots of the ICE:

And for the Mazda 6 owners reading this article, take this down and add it to your 2012 Xmas wish list:

  • AirRunner Air Suspension
  • 4 Way Dampening Front
  • 8 Way Dampening Rear
  • AccuAir e-Level Air Suspension Management System
  • AccuAir VU4 Solenoid Valves
  • Dakota Digital Gauge

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