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ForjWorks Sponsors AIRSOCIETY


AirSociety is delighted to announce ForjWorks as a new forum sponsor.

After being on board since the very beginning, they now decided to join our community and become our firsts Air Suspension professionals in Hawaii. Mainly reputed for providing custom solutions for Bag over coil setups, ForjWorks will supply you with their exclusive ” Air Over ” threaded brackets for your existing coilovers.

ForjWorks is a company that was created by people who are passionate about building quality products. They wanted a venue where they could not only build things that other people can use, but also provide their knowledge and resources to other people who have the passion and motivation to build something of their own.

ForjWorks has two key divisions: design and technology division; machining division by Precision Machinery and Tooling. The blend of these two divisions provide a complete package to get your ideas to production.

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