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Todd & Midori’s Forjwork’ed XB


Just another beautiful day in Hawaii with some Scion XB madness…

I am pretty sure not to be the only one to fall under the charm of these little boxes. Take per example this lovely one owned by Todd and Midori Suda from Maui, Hawaii. It’s has been transformed by the Forjworks team yet, another successful creation. Now don’t be distracted by the breath taking landscape and try to focus on their ride.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been modified with awesome tastes from the owners but they received some quality VIP service from the Forjwork crew flying down to Maui for the install.  Now that’s some serious business right there!

They also found him a very rare Red Genie lip kit that was badly damaged but they took care of repairing and painting it. This kit is very rare and only 2 exist in Hawaii  and this one is slapped onto the kind of XB that makes Scion owners drool for more.

The first air system installed on their XB was an Easy Street Air Lift set up but tons of issues were encountered like rattling noises and leaking front struts in the upper mounts that were installed by another shop. Forjworks redid the entire system with the Forjworks Air Rides Systems kit for the Scion XB that uses the OEM struts.

Looking at this XB, you would probably be fooled into thinking that it’s a fairly simple and short mod list but it isn’t the case… let’s point out some of the key features:

  • JDM Bb front strut bar
  • JDM Tein hood damper
  • TRD cold air intake
  • TRD exhaust
  • Kinetic battery
  • Stainless steel radiator hose dress up kit
  • JDM Red Genie lip kit
  • JDM Garson business wing
  • JDM W blood grill
  • JDM full bloom eyelids
  • JDM 1st gen BB head lights
  • JDM Hitman taillights
  • JDM TYCside marker lights
  • JDM bb blue side mirrors
  • Shaved rear window wiper and washer
  • JDM bb door sills
  • JDM bb rear view mirror cover
  • Mahogany vip table with dad rings and coasters
  • DAD crystal headrest bracelet
  • DAD empire emblems
  • DAD luxury pedals
  • DAD kick plate
  • DAD cell phone holder
  • DAD luxury mirror
  • Garson luxury lighting system
  • Garson neck pad
  • Garson door lock knobs
  • Garson curtains
  • JDM floor mats
  • Custom trunk cover
  • JDM bb cargo liner
  • Leather seats and door inserts
  • Carbon fiber armrest and rear door insert
  • Kenwood 8017 DVD player Kenwood KAC 7252 amp
  • Kenwood 4, 5 ¼, 6 ½ Excelon speakers clarion 10” sub

Just to prove how Todd is such a fanatic of  JDM parts, he actually flew to Japan himself to pick up all the Garson DAD parts. Now that’s devotion!

Little wheel action here showing off  the SSR Professor SP2-R’s Gold in a 16″ x 9″ +26 &  16″ x 9.5″ +19 setup wrapped in Nitto Neo Gens 205/45/16. He also added camber bolts in the front and -5° Forjworks camber plates in the back.

Last but not least Todd & Midori would like to give mad props to the boys at Forjworks for their incredible work and the article wouldn’t be complete without the following… on this have a good day AirSociety readers!

  • Forjworks Air Ride Systems
  • Universal Aerosport front strut bags used with OEM Struts
  • Universal Air House rear bags
  • 2 x 3/8 300psi Manifold 2 way valve
  • 3 gallon tank
  • ViAir 380 compressor
  • ViAir needle gauge
  • 1/4 air lines



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