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Mike Myers’ Money MK3 Jetta


Forget all the possible and known issues of this generation of Volkswagen and come join Mike in the beautiful World of MK3’s.

This Jetta is money not only because of its green color, but surely because of its simplicity and beauty.  Again we could go on and debate on the expression ” money ” but I have the perfect reasons to use it.

Some will use the term “money” to describe a nice Benz on 20 inch ADV1 wheels for example. In the present case, I am using it to describe a fairly simple MK3 Jetta on Schmidt wheels and air ride. But why ?

It looks so rich in appearance that cheap is a word hardly used to describe it. Sometimes one can make the simplest things look just right with proper styling.

Aside from the typical passenger side frame notch, fenders were also rolled flat all around in order to drop low and clear the 16×9 Schmidt Modern Lines. To get the perfect wheels stance, 10mm spacers were added in the rear which brought them to a final ET15. Nothing better then some 205-40-16 Falken Ziex 512 tires to stretch and wrap those rollers.

Here’s the detail on Mike’s Air Setup:

  • Air Lifts front and rear
  • 5 gallon, 4 port aluminum tank
  • AccuAir VU4 manifold
  • 3/8″ line to all 4 bags
  • 1/8″ line to gauges
  • ViAir 400c compressor
  • SMC water trap
  • Switchspeed “Electroless Nickel” Controller
  • 2 Easy Street dual needle pressure gauges
  • Modified late mk2/early mk3 upper strut mounts.

A big thanks to Jessica for the amazing pictures, I know that you are more into babies pictures but you should start thinking shooting cars too 😉

Here’s a link to her website @

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