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Jay’s Grape Jelly TL-S


You might have seen this Acura around in a previous lifetime when it was still in its original white color and well-stanced on coils.

Transformation much ?

This is the result of one crazy man wanting to bring a fine modded TL to a completely dope one.

Step 1 to success: Add a full A-Spec lip kit, ATLP roof spoiler, little trunk lid, call up a homie and change your TL-S front end & tail lights for base model TL’s and then go bananas widening your rear fenders, modifying your front strut towers in order to send the car for a complete Midnight Purple paint job.

Step 2: Lurk around trying to find wide wheels. 9 inch might be considered wide for some people but when you start pulling fender, you better come up with something more aggressive that can handle the wide ass. Jay didn’t disappoint us bringing home a set of 19×9.5 +15 High Disk up front and 19×11 Super Low Disk rears Work Varianza T1S.  Everyone can agree that it is not your average TL wheels setup.

Step 3: While others are high on crack, get low on AIR.

Let’s welcome Jay in the beautiful Wold of Air ride. Here’s the details on his current bag setup:

  • Ksport Coilbags
  • 3/8 Dot Lines
  • Accuair E-Level w/ Touch pad controller
  • Accuair VU4 Solenoid
  • Accuair Power Harness
  • Dual Viar 380cc
  • 5 Gallon Tank
  • Quick release valve for air hose
  • Universal Air DOT fittings
  • Skunk 2 front upper control arm
  • Ingalls rear camber & toe bar

He would like to thank Eric from Ksport & Mike Alexander from AccuAir for sponsorship of his Grape Jelly TL-S. Keep up the good work, you have AirSociety’s approval on owning the finest TL out there!

Oh yeah, my wife might not like that one but I had to say it, sick ass – no homo –

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